Sep 27 – Acalanes Girls Volleyball prevail against Miramonte

After a strong non-league showing against a very tough slate of opponents, Your Acalanes Dons girls volleyball team kicked off League play in the newly formed Diablo Athletic League against Miramonte. The Dons brought a 10-4 overall record and a Top 10 ranking in the California state-wide Division 3 Max Preps ranking.

Despite the props from the “Preps”, the Dons faced a tough task in taking down the Mats in “The Matadome”…something the Dons have not accomplished in at least the last five seasons.

Here is how it went down, for The Who that care to read on:


First Set:

2-3. Roxy Cummings gets the Dons on the board after a slow start, followed right up with an Alex Matson ace. Ahhhhh Ace!

4-4. Dons tie it up with a Parker Jones/Melissa Elliott team block. Roof!

7-8. Perfect passes from Zoe McPhail and Devin Grobeck lead to big swings, and points, for the Dons.

10-9. Grobeck dig, Grobeck dig, Grobeck dig, and then a Matson kill. Dons take the lead.

11-9. Teresa Nevins with a nice stuff block at the net.

14-10. Dons are making amazing digs – I Can’t Explain – keying the Dons offensive system, and it’s working. Time out Miramonte.

16-10. Matson Ace, again!

20-12. Setter Maddie Kalil is forced to make some passes and handles it superbly, and follows it up with a great set assist to stretch out the Dons lead. She said “yeah, this is – The Real Me.”

21-12. Ace from McPhail.

22-12. See above.

23-12. Jones hammers a big kill, and the Dons close in on the first set – The Seeker.

25-16. Dons take the first set.


Alex Matson
Photo: Craig Nelson

Second Set:

1-0. Nevins delivers a “Yummy” with an overpass kill.

3-4. Was needing some writing material after the Mats ran off some points and Nevins provided it, delivering a perfect out of system set to Jones, who hammers a kill.

4-5. Kalil makes a super dig, enabling a Jones kill. Mats look energized this set.

7s. Jones ties it up with a wicked line kill.

11-8. Super dig by Grobeck, Nevins overpass kill, great Roof by Nevins and Kalil, and the Dons surge ahead.

12-10. Sweet roll shot from Jones. Nobody home for the Mats.

12-14. Rough patch. It happens. Dons looking to stay – Happy Jack.

13-15. LONG drawn out discussion by the refs. It is unclear what the problem is. Maybe post-match dinner plans. And it stretches on and on. Could it be vacation planning?

14-19. Another rough patch. Time out Dons.

15-19. Jones breaks the Mats’ serving run with a brilliant cross-court angle kill…this is no longer – My Generation.

15-23. Nothing to see here. Move along.

17-25. The Mats rebound decisively to take the second set.

Parker JonesPhoto: Craig Nelson

Parker Jones
Photo: Craig Nelson

Third Set:

3-0. Matson fires an ace to keep the Dons quick start in the third going.

4-1. Grobeck to Kalil to Jones. Textbook offense = kill.

6-3. Frosh party: Lane Webster sets Madi Risch. Mats dig out the Risch blast but can’t get the ball back over. Point Dons.

9-3. Time out Mats after a ball into the net. Risch was ready and up high for the block – I Can See For Miles.

10-3. Ace off of the time out for Jones! Dons rolling.

11-5. Mats try to rally but Elliott finds an empty patch of wood for a point.

13-6. Great diving save on the floor by Webster, and Nevins finished the point with a middle kill.

15-6. Kalil with the double ace! Great serving tonight.

18-9. Dons just trading points with the Mats, which is cool at this point, led by stellar Grobeck passing.

18-10. Rachel Go serves a nugget, but after a crazy rally the Mats end up winning the point. – Pinball Wizard.

20-12. Still trading points. Fine.

21-12. Jones rips a dive-bombing jump serve Ace.

23-14. Webster to Risch for a big kill. – The Kids Are Alright.

24-14. Matson kill. Set Point.

25-17. Matson finishes off the set with an acrobatic kill. Dons take the third set just as decisively.


Fourth Set:

1-0. Webster Ace! – Behind Blue Eyes.

2-0. Jones monster kill. Great start to the set.

3-1. Elliott and Jones big roof – Won’t Get Fooled Again.

5-3. Long rally with great play on both sides! Admission fee tonight? – Bargain.

7-5. Kalil serves up a tasty morsel to Matson who does not disappoint: kill.

7s. Great swing and follow-up saving dig from Sarah Nelson, but the Mats tie it up.

9s. …on the Jones soft tip. Smart play. – Who Are You?

10-9. Webster. Ace again!

12s. Mats are digging and passing superbly, keeping them in the match.

15-14. Jones rips a back row “pipe” set from Kalil to regain the lead. Jones looks fired up and hungry for more. – Who’s Next?

17-14. Dons extend their lead with solid team play. Timeout Miramonte.

20-17. Dons staying solid as McPhail serves and the Don’s defense holds firm.

22-20. Mats stage a little rally off of a time out, but Jones shuts that down with a surgical roll shot kill.

23-20. Webster Ace. Hat Trick!

25-20. Webster sets Risch for a powerful hit, the Mats struggle with it despite a great dig, and the Dons win at Miramonte!

Finally! The Matadome has been reduced to a Teenage Wasteland, and the Acalanes players board the Magic Bus for the joyful trip back to Lafayette.


Dons win the match 3-1 (25-16, 17-25, 25-17, 25-20)