Sep 20 – Girls Tennis dominates the Eagles

The Lady Dons dominated today against the Eagles from Berean Christian winning all 9 lines. Congrats to Susie Bush and Hannah Snyder, normally doubles partners, for their impressive wins in singles!

All scores as follows:
Match Acalanes 9 BC 0
Line 1. Sasha Schtein def Ava Miller 7-5,6-4
Line 2. Sydney Bell def Melissa Hansen 6-0,6-1
Line 3. Maddie Baker def Dani Maestie 6-0,6-2
Line 4. Skyler Jeveli def Emi Tom 6-1,6-0
Line 5. Susie Bush def Jordan Sape 6-7, 6-0, 10-7
Line 6 Hannah Snydef def Gene Wysenowski 6-0,6-4 doubles


Line 1. Lauren Ladrech, Quinn Harrington def S Meals, C.Stame 6-0,6-1
Line 2. Maddie McDonagh, Megan Cardiff def N Wysenowski, J Hwang 6-1,6-1

Line 3. Sam Sweeney, Olivia Reinecke, def V. Lauzaa, K Mansssa 6-0,6-0

Michelle McDonagh