October 6 – Acalanes Freshman Girls Volleyball Continue Winning Streak

The Lady Dons continued their victory march, beating Miramonte’s Freshman Girls volleyball team in two sets, 25-13, 25-18.  The first set started with a nice service run by Sarah Moore including a smashing ace to get the Lady Mats attention.  Aces were also offered up from Dana Piercy, Taylor Odom, Dory Grobeck and Janine Jaber.  Kills by Holly Gillar, Odom and Moore denied any return possibilities, while artfully placed tips from Odom, Grobeck and Claire Amaral added key points to the score.  Scoring efforts from the Mats was an exercise in frustration, as any serve over was quickly passed by Ying Stroebe to Grobeck’s set and more times than not, it was a Don’s point.  A five point service run, including several aces, compliments of Grobeck, brought the score to 23-12. Don’s got the sideout at 24-12, and after a rare point loss, took the set 25-13.

Set two saw the Lady Mats earn the first point.  But never again would they be leading on the scoreboard.  Acalanes played consistently strong, controlling the game with strong defense, skilled setting and well placed kills, tips and blocks.  Kills from Katie McCarty, Jillian Wickline, Odom, Piercy, and a nice back-row kill from Stroebe, kept the Dons on top.  Service aces were offered up from Lily Bauer, Odom and Wickline, and if the ball did get returned, tips from Wickline, Bauer and McCarty as well as a nice save by Wickline stopped any hope of the opponent scoring.  The final point of the game came with a nice pass to Amaral then a quick set to Holly Fleischmann for the final kill.  Final score:  Acalanes 25, Miramonte 18.

Lucy Amaral