October 11 – Varsity Girls Volleyball vs. Dublin High Gaels

Set 1:  Basic scoring on both sides was how this match began, but that all changed when Jojo Harnish went up high to roof up the Gaels’ outside hitter.  The Gaels dug up her block and reset for another kill attempt that Harnishagain blocked.  This time it went to the floor for a Dons score.  The defense stayed in high gear when at

6-4 (Dons’ score listed first) Dani Grobeck stuffed a middle-kill attempt by the Gaels.  It was Grobeck again at 7-5 when Harnish put up a sweet back 1-set that beat the block and Grobeck crushed.  At 13-8 Amanda Jarquin hustled to get a ball up, Harnish chased it down and put up a set back to Jarquin.  The set came from behind Jarquin (a very difficult set to get a solid kill on) but Jarquin did just that for a Dons score.  At 15-9 Jarquin showed versatility when she pounded down a middle 1-set.  With the Dons in solid command at 17-10, the ball was served by the Gaels and as soon as our first pass went up Grobeck shouted “One!  One!”  Harnish obliged with the low 1-set and Grobeck slammed it for a dramatic kill.  At 22-15, it was Brooke Aiello showing some timing skill as a pass went far to the opposite (front right) corner.  Harnish got to it, launched a big arcing set to the outside (front left corner).  It seemed to take a few seconds for the ball to get there, but Aiello met it at just the right time and brought the hammer down on it.
Final Score Set 1:  25-15 Dons.

Set 2:  A different set of players came in for this second set, and the scoring was going the Gaels’ way.  But at 5-9

things began to change when Lisa Carrington got the set to the outside post, went up and decided that since there was a wall of Gael arms ready to block the tight set, changed from a kill-swing to a power-dink to an open spot on the Gaels’ court.  Great court vision!  Three points later at 8-9 Carrington didn’t change her mind on a beautiful set by Harnish and sent the kill to the ground.  The game was very close with scoring going back and forth; a dramatic mood was setting up.  At 9-10 Dons defense made a big presence with Harnish and Kendall Baker going up and over the net to completely stuff the Gaels’ big-hitting Tiffany Harris (quick note: Harris was the CC Times’ “Athlete of the Week” a few weeks ago).  Still very close at 11-11 when Harnish made the first pass and was not able to set.  Jarquin put up a great set to the back row and Tyanna Roy crushed it from the 10-foot line.  Both teams were playing well but it was the Gaels that were edging away.  That was stopped when at 12-14 Harnish put up another sweet backset to the opposite post and Jarquin smacked it down.  At 15-16 It was Grobeck’s turn to show some versatility as the took a Harnish pass and bump-set it to Carrington at the outside.  Carrington seemed to just hang in the air until she tomahawked the ball to the Gaels’ floor.  The Dons were now making headway in the scoring and at 22-21 Roy went up to absolutely crush an over-pass by the Gaels.  Still very close at 23-23 Harnish got a pass that was right up against the net – too close to set without a net violation.  She deftly re-directed the path of the ball over the net to drop untouched to the Gaels’ side.   That brought the score to 24-23 and set point.  It ended with an exclamation point in the form of a high outside set to Carrington who pounded it down for the game-ender.

Final Score Set 2:  25-23 Dons.

Set 3:  With the Dons up 2-0 in sets, they could have let down a bit.  But they didn’t.  They came out strong and determined and at 5-1 Marie Teichman went up and stuffed a Tiffany Harris kill attempt.  Then on the next point it was Teichman again drilling a set for another Dons score.  At 7-5, a vocal Rachel Cox called for the set and Harnish gave it to her in the middle.  Coxhammered it for a Dons point.

The game was pretty close at 12-10 when Aiello took an outside set and brought the pain with an untouched kill.  On the next point it was Cox again, this time showing her focus by anticipating a dump attempt by the Gaels setter.  She was right on top of it and the ball never made it over the net as Cox put it back down to the floor.  15-12 saw the longest rally of the match with both sides showing great digging skills.  But it was Alex Ligouri that was in perfect position to get a hard-driven ball by the Gaels up to Harnish who then put up a tasty backset to TeichmanTeichman didn’t waste that set and sent it to the floor.  This set remained close with both sided trading points, but the Dons prevailed by two.

Final Score Set 3:  25-23 Dons

Match goes to the Dons 3 sets – 0

Submitted by Brian Aiello