Oct 6 – Girls Varsity Volleyball

YOUR Acalanes Dons host the Dublin Gaels. The Gaels visit with a 1-2 DFAL League record so far, while the Dons look to improve to 2-1 in League.

1st Set:

1-1. Parker Jones gets the Dons started with a kill right out into the Acalanes parking lot.

2-1. Maddie Graham adds a back corner kill off the nice set by Grace Bolen.

3-1. Bolen with a quick middle set to Mimi White for another kill…great distribution!

8-3. Graham with a big kill and the Dons are in control so far.

12-6. As usual, SOLID serving and back row play from Devin Grobeck, Heidi Stanford and Calista Lam. Throw in a couple of winners in the middle from Windy MarGerum and Dublin needs a time out.

17-7. Jones with multiple well-placed kills…

19-8. Bolen. Ace.

22-14. Reilly Webster tools the block as the Dons close in on the 1st set.

25-18. Graham finishes off the set!

2nd Set:

3-1. Jones with her second kill already. She will NOT be denied.

5-2. Graham with the kill-kill combo, including a nasty angle slam!

7-6. Jones kill. Gaels are hanging around…

9-7. Carly Porep serves a couple of nice balls to steady the team.

14-9. Jones. Ace.

16-9. Time out Dublin as the Dons get some mo goin’

17-9. Graham kill. With Authority!

18-9. Jones continues to drill serves and Hannah Roberts finishes it off with a kill.

20-9. Webster tried her Jones impersonation with a strong kill to the deep court.

21-9. Jones says “Nice try Reilly, but THIS is how hard I hit it” and proceeds to crush one.

24-9. Boustani in to serve (Jones must be tired of serving!) and she gets an Ace!

25-10. Webster finishes off the set with a crusher down the line. Nice set Bolen!!!

3rd Set:

0-1. Melissa Elliot with a nice block in the middle, but the Gaels dig and take the first point.

1-5. Jones gets the Dons on the board with a kill. Slow start, but a long way to go yet.

4-6. Great Graham dig and Webster kills to inch the Dons back into it.

5-8. Libero Porep covers Bolen on the set to Jones and, you guessed it – kill!

7-8. Julia Gay with good serves and ups and the Dons are right back in it.

8-10. Great Gay pass and Bolen sets Teeeeee Nevins for the kill in the middle to open floor.

11-13. Bolen back set to the Oppo and Webster finishes.

11-15. Dons are a little out of sync and take a timeout.

13-16. Webster kill to the back corner and the Dons are trying to climb the mountain.

14-17. Webster. Rooooof.

15-17. Maddie Kalil with a nice set to Webster for the score.

17-18 Graham angle kill keeping it close and then Gay with the Ace!

18-19. Nevins with the finger roll. Let’s tie this up!

19-21. Jones with the Thunder Bomb. Needed it!

20-22. Glimpse of the future: Kalil with the “one” to Elliot for a big kill in the middle.

21-22. Time out Gaels!

22-23. Jones kill.

23-24. Graham kill keeps the Dons alive!

23-25. Gaels played great up front and take the 3rd.

4th Set:

Dons looking to come out fast…

1-0. Jones. Kill. Good start.

2-0. Webster. Kill. Keep it going.

3-0. Jones again. I’m not tired…I’ll write about every point until a side out!

4-0. White. Roof.

5-2. Ok. Gaels scored. But then Jones scored too!

7-2. Trying to take a writing break but that was SUCH an awesome roof by White!

8-2. Ace Jones and timeout Gaels. Did I mention coming out fast?

10-2. Great team play. Digs everywhere. Webster back line kill. Pretty.

12-4. Lam “The Laminator”
with the Ace!

14-8. Graham kill. Dublin hanging around again….

15-10. Graham with 3 big swings and the last finally crumples the defense.

16-11 Jones. BIG kill.

19-15. Gaels still hanging around.

20-17. Dons trying to finish.

21-18 on the Jones monster hit off the blockers.

23-19. Dons still trying to finish!!! TO Dublin.

24-20. Pass Set Hit. Dons point from Jones.

25-20. Graham finishes with a classic Gumby contortion shot that finds the floor!

Dons win 3-1! Great competiton from Dublin tonight. Dons improve to 6-4 on the season and travel to play Alhambra Thursday.

Ken Webster