Oct 6 – Girls Volleyball

YOUR Acalanes Dons Varsity Girls Volleyball team laced up the sneaks for the second night in a row, hosting the brand new Diablo Athletic League division rival College Park Falcons. The Dons were looking to capitalize on home court advantage and establish a strong position in the DAL league standings, hoping to end the night at 3-1 in league play. Here is some of what went down in Dons Land:

First Set:

3-3. Parker Jones and Maddie Kalil both made nice diving saves, as the Dons slowly but surely got their offense in gear.

5-3. Madi Risch rolls in and immediately fires a sweet kill.

7-3. Mellisa Elliott throws up a clean block and Jones finishes with a kill. Early time out Falcons.

8-3. M&M Roofing Company! Risch and Elliott block for a winner.

11-5. Lane Webster dives and digs it, Devin Grobeck plays guest setter, and Jones kills it once again!

12-5. Jones Ace.

13-5. See above.

15-9. Another great dig by Grobeck and Alex Matson gets in on the scoring with a pasted kill.

16-9. Stuff block by Theresa Nevins.

17-9. See above!

18-9. TRIPLE roof from Nevins! What blocking! Color Commentator Lauren Webster chimes in: “The Dons are really blocking, Ken. They built a wall and the Falcons are actually paying for it!”

22-9. Webster sets Matson “tight” to the net and A.M. pounds the ball off the College Park blockers.

25-9. Nevins finishes off the first set with a “yummy,” crushing the Falcons over-pass.


Second Set:

1-2. Sam Darin serves up an Ace, continuing her hot run from last night.

7-4. Rachel Go sets Risch perfectly for a kill.

9-4 Elsa Clever…Ahhh Ace!

11-4. Clever: Ace to the back corner. Untouched.

12-4. Darin pass, Go set, Darin kill. Ball hogs. JUST KIDDING!!!

14-7. Kalil hustles to make the dig, so Grobeck handles the set to Sarah Nelson, who rewards everyone with a sweet kill between Falcon defenders.

17-15. Long rough patch – credit the hustling Falcons – but Darin crushes one to win back the serve for the Dons.

20-18. Kalil dig. NELSON kill. Dons trying to finish it out but College Park is hanging tough.

21-24. Zoe McPhail dives and does NOT touch the ball – wisely – because it is just out of bounds. Dons hanging on, but then College Park takes the second, 21-25.


Theresa Nevins
Photo: Craig Nelson

Third Set:

1-2. Jones back row kill as the Dons try to recapture the momentum.

5-4. Elliott kills one in the middle. Dons still looking to find their rhythm.

9-8. Jones Ace!

14-8. You don’t win points for style, but the Dons are scoring regardless, helped along by two straight aces from Jones.

17-10. Nevins stuffs the over-pass. Yummy.

20-10. Grobeck with a net-crawler Ace. Tricky.

23-14. Jones deftly floats the kill to the back corner. Nobody home.

25-21. Dons take the 3rd. That’s all you need to know.


Fourth Set:

1-0. Webster starts off the 4th with an Ace.

2-0. Long rally with big hits by Nevins, Matson and finally Cummings who gets the kill.

5-3. McPhail to Webster to Jones. Big kill!

6-3. Zoe McAce!

10-4. Kalil serve is too hot to handle. Time out Falcons, and then Maddie K follows it up with an Ace!

12-4 Jones Thunder Bomb kill, Kalil follows with yet another Ace and the Dons really take control.

15-6. Webster kills it right handed, but she’s a Lefty…

18-7. Go with the back line floater Ace. Beautiful!

20-6. Webster Ace, finding the hardwood.

23-12. Jones hammers one. Power personified…

24-12. …and another one from Jones. Match Point!

25-13. Dons win the set and take the match 3 sets to 1. Hats off to College Park for great hustle and effort right until the last point.