Oct 5 – Girls Volleyball

Your Acalanes Dons girls volleyball team stepped onto their home court against Las Lomas for the first time in DAL League play after a 1-1 road start. This was also the day the Giants launched another even-year run into the playoffs, so…Play Ball! It was also Dig Pink night for breast cancer awareness and the Dons family raised funds for a great cause. Here is the “Scorecard”:

First Set:

3-2. Roxy Cummings hits a shot down the line for a kill as the game gets going.

5-5. Alex Matson drives an angle kill.

7-5. Lane Webster sets up Matson for another angle kill. Matson is locked in early.

9-7. Devin Grobeck – as the Libero sporting the “Good & Plenty” pink and black uniform look – covers for the Setter and serves up a meatball for a Maddie Risch kill.

11-7. Timeout Knights as Maddie Kalil pitches and keeps LL off balance.

14-12. Parker Jones crushes a bomb.

18-12. Webster to Risch as the Dons are on a hitting streak.

21-18. Pitcher’s duel as both teams’ hitters are kept off balance, until Matson lines one into the gap.

25-18. Theresa Nevins roofs the Knights and then LL fouls one off…Dons take the first set.

Girls Volleyball Dig Pink

Photo Karen Elliott

Second Set:

2-1. Sam Darin fires an Ace to lead off the second for the Dons.

4-3. Elsa Clever hits a nice bloop single for a point.

6-3. Kalil: Ace. K!

8-3. Sarah Nelson with an “Opposite” field hit. Dons are batting around tonight. Time out Knights.

11-5. Clever switch hits with a left handed save shot to keep a point alive and the Dons score.

15-6. Rachel Go serves a change-up that fools the Knights.

17-11. Knights stage a little rally, but Risch quiets LL by hammering the ball. Adios Pelota!

19-11. Double Aces from Darin.

20-11. Make that Strike Three from Darin. Darin throwing darts.

22-13. Zoe McPhail dons the Good & Plenty libero look for Dig Pink, and proceeds to serve and dig like a Gold Glover, bringing the Dons close to the set win.

23-15. Clever dinger from the middle, and Dons roll on to take the second 25-15.

Third Set:

2-0. Jones Ace. Dons look to keep the “mo.”

5-0. Another Jones Ace. Double Play.

7-0. And another from Jones. Holy Cow! Serving like Mad Bum.

8-1. Jones juuussssst a bit outside, to get LL on the scoreboard.

9-2. Nelson kill. Boom.

11-3. Webster to Clever for a beauty of a middle kill.

14-3. Darin smokes one down the line.

16-5. Good eye from Cummings on the outside ball from LL.

18-9. Jones and Nevins team up for a block. A great battery.

20-10. Nelson kill. A nice piece of hitting there.

22-10. A Knights swing and a miss, and Nevins finishes the point.

24-10. Nevins again! Match point.

25-10. Webster to Jones for a bunt single that finishes off the Knights. Dons win! Dons win! Dons win!