Oct 27 – Girls Varsity Volleyball vs. Northgate

YOUR Acalanes Dons Girls Volleyball squad hosted Northgate on Senior Night, for the last league game of the year, looking to lock down a second place finish in the DAL. Congrats to Acalanes Seniors Melissa Elliott, Devin Grobeck, Parker Jones and Alex Matson.

First Set:

2-1. The four Seniors take the Court for the Dons and Alex Matson delivers an Ace on the serve.

4-1. Matson Ace again. Quick time out for Northgate.

6-1. Another Ace for Matson! SENIOR SHARP SHOOTER.

8-1. See above!

9-1. Diving dig by Parker Jones, which she follows up with a huge block!

11-1. Matson fires her fifth Ace of the Set! Another Northgate timeout as the Dons come out fired up tonight.

12-2. Jones gets set with an “X” move for a kill.

15-2. Devin Grobeck gets in on the Ace action with a wicked float serve.

20-9. Fantastic Grobeck dig, and Matson reward her effort with a sharp angle kill that catches the sideline.

22-12. Jones Thunder Bomb! All wood.

25-13. Dons take the first set decisively. SENIOR LEADERSHIP.

Alex MatsonPhoto: Craig Nelson

Alex Matson
Photo: Craig Nelson

Second Set:

1-0. Jones big kill from the back row.

2-5. Jones again after a rough patch.

5-7. Jones is just killing it. A lot.

6-8. Matson hammers a kill.

12s. Elliott kill in the middle as the Dons storm back to tie it up.

13-15. Matson pounds one down the line to keep it close.

14-15. Elliott and Jones Roof! EJ Roofing Company.

16-15. Matson gives the Dons the lead.

22-24. Dons fighting headwinds this set. Timeout Acalanes.

22-25. Northgate takes the second set as the Dons underclassmen clearly want to give the Seniors more time to play tonight. SENIOR CELEBRATION.

Melissa ElliottPhoto: Craig Nelson

Melissa Elliott
Photo: Craig Nelson

Third Set:

2-0. Matson angle kill. Let’s go Dons!

4-0. Elliott block!

7-3. Jones soft roll kill surprises the Broncos.

8-3. Diving save by Matson! Dons convert a kill in the middle, and Northgate needs a TO. SUPER SENIOR DEFENSE.

13-7. Grobeck is anchoring the defense as the Dons look to control this third set.

17-14. Broncos fight back. Matson Ace! Needed it.

19-18. Jones kill. Needed it.

21-20. Diving save by Jones this time and the Dons convert. Nail biter.

24-21. Matson runs one down the top of the net and it rolls over. Score!

25-21. Dons hang on to take the third set.

Devin GrobeckPhoto: Craig Nelson

Devin Grobeck
Photo: Craig Nelson

Fourth Set:

1-0. Elliott kill! SENIOR SLAM.

2-0. Matson Ace.

3-0. Elliott again! Quick start for the Dons.

4-2. Super Matson pass. Jump set. Jones crushes it!

7-5. Jones Ace! But the Broncos still have some kick left in them.

12-7. Matson “tools” the block. Timeout Broncos.

13-7. Matson wins a “joust” at the net.

14-7. Elliott Roof! SENIOR FOR REAL.

16-7. Grobeck dig, Matson kill, and the home crowd roars. SENIOR STYLE.

18-8. Jones kill. SENIOR HIGHLIGHT REEL.

20-8. Matson Ace! Time to put the Broncos back into the corral.

24-8. Matson serving for the match.Dons win! 25-8. SENIOR STARS!

Parker JonesPhoto: Craig Nelson

Parker Jones
Photo: Craig Nelson