Oct 27 – Dons Sweep Las Lomas in Volleyball

Your Acalanes Dons hosted Las Lomas as the team gets right back to work in DFAL League play after the successful weekend tournament.
The Dons are looking to solidify 2nd place in DFAL and improve on their 5-2 record.

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Photo: Karen Elliott

1st Set:

1-2. Parker Jones starts off the attack with a nice deep ball winner.
2-2. Reilly Webster roofs the hitter to tie it up.
3-2. Maddie Graham gives the Dons their first lead with a cross-court angle kill.
6-5. Julia Gay serves deep and sets up a Grace Bolen ROOF!
8-7. Carly Porep delivers a challenging serve that takes the Knights out of system.
14-11. Webster stuffs one at the net, and Jones aces her serve to push open a lead, as the Dons are finding their rhythm.
19-14. Devin Grobeck delivers on the “Ahhhhhhhh….Ace!”
20-14. See above!
21-15. Graham hits it hard into the tape and it rolls over for a kill.
22-15. Porep. Ace. Timely.
23-16. Beautiful Calista Lam pass. Perfectly placed for Grace Bolen, who sets Jones for the thunderous kill. Tough to handle the Dons when they execute like that!
25-17.  Mimi White finishes the set off for the Dons with a “3” kill in the middle.

2nd Set:

1-0. The “Mimi Show” starts off the 2nd set: White pass to Bolen, back to White for the kill.
3-0. Lam sets Jones for a MONSTER kill!
6-4.  White is racking up multiple kills and having fun doing it!
10-9.  Graham delivers a smart roll shot kill as the Knights are playing tenaciously.
13-14. Dons trying to rally back. Jones kill helps.
16-15. Dons take back the lead on the always popular “LamGraham-Slam, thank you Ma’am.”
18-15. Windy Magerum skys and “tools” the block for a big Dons point.
19-18. Webster with a big kill to stop LL’s Mo. Tight set!
20-19. Lam makes a sensational diving “up” on the serve receive and Graham finishes with a nifty kill. Advantage Dons.
22-19. Jonesey-bomb kill and timeout Knights to try and slow the Dons’ charge to 25!
23-20.  The crowd says “Yeah Parker” as Jones registers another big kill.
24-20. See above.
25-20. Jones AGAIN for the set winner. James Bond opens next weekend.  Jones is providing us with “A View to a Kill” tonight.

3rd set:

1-1. Heidi Stanford delivers a smooth dig and Webster finishes the point with a nice kill down the line.
4-1.  Things are looking pretty good: Graham kill, a Jones Ace, and a Dalziel sighting in the gym!
6-4.  Las Lomas rallies back and then White pounds the ball off of a Knights back row player for a winner. Ka-bam!
8-5. Theresa Nevins scores on a block in the middle.
9-5 Grobeck Ace!
11-6. Nevins pounds the “1” set in the middle.  Winner.
12-6. Somebody hits it over and scores. 🙂
14-6. Time out Knights.  Dons in control. G’Dons!
16-8. White still racking up kills.
19-8. Bolen Ace, Jones Roof, and the Dons look to finish strong.
20-8. Maddie Kalil serves up a set on a platter and Jones eats it up for a power-slam kill.  Awesomeness.
21-12 Kalil sets the “1” to Melissa Elliott for a big kill.
22-12. Elliott stuffs the overpass.  Yummy!
25-14. Frosh Finish! Cali Boustani slams the kill for the match point winner.

Dons win! Dons Win! (Sorry Cub fans)

Next match Thursday at Dublin High.

Ken Webster