Oct 25 – Girls Varsity Volleyball

YOUR Acalanes Dons girls volleyball team kicked of the final week of DAL League Play at College Park, who honored it’s Seniors before the match got underway…as Halloween approaches.

Acalanes Girls Varsity VolleyballPhoto: Craig Nelson

Acalanes Girls Varsity Volleyball
Photo: Craig Nelson

First Set:

2-3. Roxy Cummings gets the Dons going with the first kill of the evening.

4-3. Melissa Elliott give the Dons the lead on a middle kill.

6-3. Madi Risch…..Ace!

7-3. Ditto.

9-3. Risch again with the serve! Holy Cow! (Go Cubs)

10-3. Risch draws 4 Aces! Awesome.

16-8. Parker Jones Ace!

17-8. See above. Dons firing WICKED serves tonight.

20-14. Risch delivers a deep corner kill. Dons still looking a little SCARY.

22-14. Risch. Guess what? Ace.

23-14. And again. Her aces keep coming back like JASON.

25-17. Jones finishes off the set with a sharp kill, like a KNIFE.

Samantha DarinPhoto: Craig Nelson

Samantha Darin
Photo: Craig Nelson

Second Set:

1-0. Rachel Go sets Jones for a kill.

3-2. Theresa Nevins Roof! Smashed like a PUMPKIN.

5-2. See above!

6-2. Devin Grobeck gets in on the Ace action.

9-10. Rough patch, but Sam Darin turns the tables with a sharp angle kill. DEADLY.

11-12. Go Ace!

14-13. Zoe McPhail bump sets Jones for a kill and the Dons retake the lead.

17s. College Park keeps coming back like ZOMBIES.

20-17. Grobeck fires another Ace to stretch out the lead. Time out Falcons.

22-18. Maddie Kalil back set Jones for a monstrous kill. SPOOKY good.

25-18. Kalil wins the set with an Ace, as the Dons continue to serve with aplomb.

Third Set:

1-0. Lane Webster sets Risch for the kill. Dons strike first BLOOD.

3-0. Webster Ace. “Me too!”

5-1. Elsa Clever fires the ball off a middle blocker for a kill.

6-4. Clever again. FRIGHT NIGHT for the Falcons.

10-9. Risch kill, and then Risch again off the blockers.

13-10. Webster, Ahhhhhh, Ace!

14-10. Triple-body-ricochet Ace for Webster. What?!

15-11. Sarah Nelson cross-court kill. #SNELSON.

16-11. Slide kill attempt by Clever turns into a Kareem Sky Hook winner. That got the Don’s fans SCREAMING.

22-17. Webster feeds Darin for super kill. TREAT.

23-17. Super body twisting dig by Grobeck, rewarded by a huge Nevins roof. TRICK.

25-17. Dons finish the match in 3 sets! On to Senior Night! Come out Thursday night to celebrate the Dons Seniors in their final League match!