Oct 20 – Girls Varsity Volleyball

YOUR Acalanes Dons girls volleyball squad hit the road to Las Lomas on Thursday, looking to bounce back after a tough loss earlier in the week. Since the Warriors are getting back into hoop action we will channel a little Tim Roye play-by-play into the match recap:

First Set:

1-0. Big opening roof by Theresa Nevins and Roxy Cummings. Defending the paint.

4-4. Back and forth jousting – it is a match against the Knights after all – as both teams are looking to settle in.

7-6. Athletic one-armed dig by Lane Webster, capped by a Melissa Elliott power kill, followed up with a Webster Ace! Dons getting in flow on the court.

9-10. Madi Risch gets in on the action with a kill.

10-11. Nevins crushes an overpass. So tasty.

11-12. Maddie Kalil with a buttery set to Cummings for a kill, but LL is hanging around.

13-12. Risch give the Dons the lead with a deep ball. Ace!

15-12. Devin Grobeck charges the net to reach a short serve, and Cummings drills another kill. T.O. Knights.

17-14. Nevins with another net stuff. With Authority!

18-15. Parker Jones leaps and hammers the ball straight down for a kill. Elevation Sensation!

22-16. Jones Ace. Swish.

23-16. Jones Ace. Net did not move.

24-18. Elliott wins the “joust” at the net for the score.

25-18. Grobeck Ace to finish off the first set for the Dons.


Second Set:

1-0. Cummings kill.

2-1. Sam Darin kill.

3-4. Little loss of focus fixed by Rachel Go set to Sarah Nelson for a kill.

5-5. #SNELSON.

8-6. Go to Nevins on the “1”. Crushed.

9-7. Risch kill. Smooth stroke.

10-7. Webster Ace. 3-ball from deep beyond the arc!

12-7. Webster Ace. Downtown.

14-11. Risch Ace. Silky.

15-11. Webster to Clever for the one-handed floater.

17-11 Risch Ace. On fire. LL needs a Timeout.

18-12. Darin kill.

19-14. Nevins with a nifty move and a soft finger roll.

20-15. Solid defensive effort so far, led by Zoe McPhail in this rotation.

21-16. Go and Webster really distributing the rock well in the offense this period, getting all the shooters involved.

22-16. Grobeck Ace.

23-23. Suddenly the Knights have made a big run. Dons Timeout.

24-23…24s…24-25…25s…See-saw battle!

26-25. Nevins and Cummings big roof! Re-jection! Set point.

27-25. Dons outscore the Knights in O.T. On to the 3rd.


Third Set:

1-1. Las Lomas air ball.

2-4. Jones kill. Hits the hardwood.

3-5. Clever/Jones block the shot.

6s. Risch splits the defenders. Webster gets the assist.

7s. Several nice passes from McPhail, and Clever finishes strong at the rim.

9-7. Elliott rejection in the middle. Get out of my kitchen!

10s. Risch kill. Racking up points.

13s. Jones Tomahawk Dunk!

16-15. Clever dunk at the net to re-take the lead. Dons and Knights trading shots.

19-17. Triangle offense: Grobeck to Kalil to Nelson for the score.

20-17. NelsonElliott ROOF!

22-19. Goaltending (net violation) Las Lomas.

23-19. Risch Ace!

24-19. See 20-17 entry. Splash Sisters! Match point!

25-20. Dons run out the clock and win the match in 3!