Oct 18 – Girls Varsity Volleyball vs. Campo

YOUR Acalanes Dons Girls Volleyball team hosted the Campolindo Cougars on Tuesday night. The Cougs brought an undefeated league record into Casa Acalanes, as well as a very long winning streak against the Dons, who looked to improve on their 4-2 league record by toppling the talented and well-coached defending DFAL champions. Let’s roll the tape:

First Set

1-1. Setter Lane Webster is forced to pass to Libero Devin Grobeck, who sets up Alex Matson for the kill as the match gets going. Big crowd in the gym tonight!

3-6. Theresa Nevins blocks the Campo middle to stop an early Cougs run.

4-6. See above! Déjà vu all over again.

4-10. Timeout Dons, as Campo is on fire early on. Break out the fire extinguishers!

5-11. Maddie Kalil sets Parker Jones for a kill.

8-15. Elsa Clever stymies Campo’s front line with a “joust” in the middle as the Dons try to hang on.

11-22. Looking for Dons highlights…

14-24. Webster fires a lefty kill in the front row, keeping the Don’s alive in the set. But Campo takes the next point and the first set, 14-25.


Second Set

1-3. Webster “back sets” Madi Risch, who “tools” the Campo blockers.

4-3. Dons take the lead on the strength of Zoe McPhail and Grobeck defense. Go big D!

6-7. Jones kill. Dons fighting.

6-11. Rough patch. Time out Aca to discuss things.

9-12. Dons stage a mini-rally on the serving of Webster and good hitter swings from Sam Darin and Melissa Elliott.

13-21. This is just not the Dons night so far, but the night is young!

14-21. Jones crushes a kill. Yassssss.

15-22. Nevins on the slide kill. Satisfying.

15-25. OK! On to the 3rd set! J


Sarah Nelson
Photo: Karen Elliott

Third Set

1-3. Dons come out passing well, led by Grobeck, Matson and Jones in the back row, but Campolindo is firing on all cylinders tonight. Impressive.

2-5. Clever kill. Joyous.

5-8. Clever again off the “tight” Webster set. Come on Dons!

6-9. Nice Kalil set to Sarah Nelson, whose swing does not register a kill but definitely pushes the Cougs out of system resulting in a Dons point. #whateverittakes.

9-12. Elliott, with quick hands, snaps a dump attempt back over the net, many digs ensue on both sides – radical digs bro! – until Jones dissects the Campo defense with a surgical kill.

12-15. Sweet dig from Jones, and the Webster back set to Clever works once again. Hammer Time.

13-16. Nelson set up by Kalil for a nice line kill. #SNELSON.

15-21. Dons continue to hustle and battle, but it does not seem to be our night. The night is no longer young, by the way.

17-22. Risch makes a sweet diving “up” and repeats the feat on the next point. Solid.

18-22. McPhail Ace! Dons have not been able to draw that card enough tonight.

21-25. The Dons fight hard but fall in three sets to a very tough opponent. Hats off to Campo for an excellent performance tonight.