Oct 18 – Girls JV Tennis

Acalanes 6 – Las Lomas 5

On Tuesday, at the request of Las Lomas, we played a four singles, seven doubles format for the first time this season. To accommodate the Las Lomas request,, Molly Cronk, Sophia Scipi, Scarlett Reicher and Maren Quintella stepped up to fill singles lines. In a real team effort, the Lady Dons split the singles lines, 2-2 and carried the doubles lines 4-3 to take home a 6-5 Acalanes win.

Playing at S-3, Scarlett Reicher scored the first Dons’ point by besting her Las Lomas opponent 8-6. Scarlett played solidly with effective ground strokes and timely rushes to the net.

Sophia Scipi secured the second Lady Dons’ point by playing a terrific match at S-2. Getting down early in the match, Sophia played tenaciously and earned a 9-7 victory.

The Acalanes doubles teams were led by Shannon McVay and Lauren Craig at D-1. Covering the court extremely well and communicating switches effectively, Lauren and Shannon won going away at 8-2.

Playing together for the first time this season, Skyler DeMartini and Maggie Curless teamed at D-2. Maggie and Skyler meshed well and hung an 8-0 bagel on the Las Lomas distaff Knights.

Also playing in their first match together, Katie Hale and Anya Weinstein won 8-2 at D-4. Katie overcame early serving woes and Anya played her solid all-court game throughout the match.

Alyssa Armanino and Katie Bishop at D-6 won the all-important sixth Acalanes point. Katie and Alyssa seized control of their match early and kept the pressure on the Las Lomas noblewomen on their way to a resounding 8-2 triumph.

In terms of team effort, Lynn Wolfe was called upon to play two matches, partnering Sofia Swatt and Daniella Yadegar in competitive matches. Eunkyu Lee and Leah Douglas played a fine final match that was shortened to a six game format due to time concerns. Leah and Eunkyu pushed their opponents to a seventh game.