Oct 15 – Lady Dons best Dougherty Valley on “Dig Pink” Night

The Lady Dons are hosting Dougherty Valley on “Dig Pink” night to promote breast cancer awareness.

1st Set:
1-1. Parker Jones gets the Dons with a kill! Comforting!
3-4. Nice Calista Lam pass and then the set to Maddie Graham for the kill.
7-6. Another Graham kill in a tight match so far.
9-8 as Graham ties it back with a thunderous kill and Jones backs that up with a sharp angle kill.
11-10. Carly Porep with the Ace!
12-11.  Mimi White brings down the hammer for a kill.
13-13.  DV playing tough with some well placed hits…
14-14. Great Graham dig leading to a nice down the line kill by Reilly Webster.
16-16. More Graham passing and kills keeping the Dons right there.
19-18. Porep: Ace #2!
20-21. Tenacious D from DV and the Dons take a timeout.
21 all on the big Jones kill.
23-21 on the Bolen serve and DV net violation. Timeout DV…nail biter!!!
25-22. Dons get it done with hustle and grit. We can work on style points in the next set!


Calista Lam
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2nd Set:
3-3. White and Melissa Elliott combine for a sweet block winner at the net.
7-6. Devin Grobeck makes a super save shot!  If they put high school girls volleyball highlights on Sports Center, she would be on it.
12-11. White kill keeps the Dons just ahead of the scrappy ‘Cats.
15-16. Dons had a rough patch. Jones rights the ship with a kill on the smooth set from Maddie Kalil.
19-19. Kalil Ace!
20-19. See above! Timeout Wildcats.
21-19. My goodness another Ace from Kalil, matching the Jones hat trick from Tuesday night!  Fantastic.
22-19. Jones. Kill. TO DV.
24-20. Jonesssssss.  Yesssssss.
25-20. Dons stabilize and take the 2nd!

Parker Jones
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3d Set:
2-6. Slow start. Jones delivers a big block.
5-8. Graham kills it as the Dons claw back against the Cats. Grobeck follows up with an ace! 6-8.
8s. Grobeck ties it with another ace!
10-9. Where do I start on this point? Margerum block, Crazy Lam up, crazy Graham up, multiple saves and digs, and finally a Graham kill!  Dons lead!
12s. Bolen + White block ties it up again.
13-12. Huge White block!
14-13. Precise Hannah Roberts pass, finished off by a Jones Thunder Bomb. Boom!
16-19. Graham kill keeps the Dons within striking distance.
17-20. Graham again!
18-21. Jones to the back corner.
19-21. White and Porep with cat-like ups and Jones to the OTHER back corner!  Kill. Timeout Dougherty.
22-21. Porep Ace to get the Dons on top!  Timeout Dougherty.
23-23. Roberts winner from the back row.
23-25. Wildcats take the 3rd.

Maddie Graham
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4th Set.
1-0. White and Jones start the Lady Dons off right with a big block.
4-0. White with another block! Timeout DV.
5-1. The block party continues!  Jones this time
6-3. Block!  Elliott this time.
9-5. Teresa Nevins gets a middle kill.
11-6. Porep!  Ace!
13-6. Screamer down the line from Jones.
19-11. Teee Nevins with the block winner in the middle.
21-12. Graham “tools the block” with a kill.
22-13. Fabulous Grobeck dig that Nevins flushes for a kill. Bam!
24-14. White and Jones block in the middle to get the Dons 1 point from victory.
25-15. Dons take the match. Another hard fought battle!

Grace Bolen and Windy Margerum
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Dons finish the first half of the league rotation at 5-1 in DFAL and in second place. They are 9-4 overall and travel to Campolindo on Tuesday for a big match. Would be great for Acalanes fans to pack their gym!

Great job Lady Dons!

Ken Webster