Oct 13 – Girls Varsity Volleyball vs. Miramonte

Your Acalanes Dons girls volleyball team embarked on the second half of DAL League play on Thursday night, hosting the Miramonte Matadors. Here are the highlights:

First Set:

2-2. Devin Grobeck makes a scintillating dig to Lane Webster, and on to Parker Jones for a thunderous kill. The home crowd clapped wildly.

4-4. Melissa Elliott and Jones combine for a nice block. Solid.

6-11. Rough patch. Time out Dons.

8-11. Dons roll out of the TO and score 2 quick points, including a great kill from Roxy Cummings. Super Power.

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Roxy Cummings
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11-12. Big ROOOOOF from Elsa Clever and Cummings. Dons storm back.

12s. Cummings line kill ties it up. Boom.

14-12. Clever Ace! Time out Miramonte.

15-13. Jones absolutely crushes one.

16s. Zoe McPhail and Grobeck make several great digs but the Mats rally back.

20-23. Miramonte is simply playing great volleyball. Time out Dons for a strategy session.

20-25. Mats take the first set.


Second Set:

1-1. Clever crushes one in the middle. Lets go Dons!

3-3. Clever again in the middle, but crafty this time.

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Elsa Clever
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5-3. Madi Risch and Elliott team up for a stuff block.

8-5. Superlative dig from Grobeck…Maddie Kalil sets Cummings smartly for the kill.

10-12. Another big run for the Mats. Dons will have to bring their “A Game” tonight!

15-18. Timeout Dons as Mats once again assert control.

17-23. Cummings kill off the Kalil set.

18-24. Clever stuffs the overpass. Yummy.

19-24. See above! But the Mats score again to take the second 19-25. Dons on the brink!

Devin GrobeckClick on image to buy game photos

Devin Grobeck
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Third Set:

1-2. Clever kill. Dons scrappy. Mats still playing with swagger.

7-4. Super dig by McPhail. Grobeck sets Jones. Kill. Spectacular.

9-5. Jones Ace!

9s. Mats again rally back to tie it.

12-10. Clever crushes one to retake the lead for the Dons, and a Webster serve is too hot to handle.

16-13. Mats tie it up again, but the Dons storm back to the lead with McPhail serving and then a Clever Ace. Yassss.

13-15. LONG drawn out discussion by the refs. It is unclear what the problem is. Maybe post-match dinner plans. And it stretches on and on. It could be vacation planning?

19-15. Jones stuffs an overpass to the hardwood, and then Sarah Nelson makes a great dig and the Mats fire one wide left.

21-17. Monster kill from Matson.

23-19. Lots happened! Time out Miramonte.

25-22. The Lady Dons hang on to win an emotional 3rd set…both teams are fired up and the crowd is rocking.


Fourth Set:

3s. Clevers delivers a stuff. Yummy.

4s. Webster sets a quick “1” to the middle that Clever crushes.

6-4. Elliott hammers an overpass straight down. Brilliant.

8-9. Big roof from Elliott and Jones to stop yet ANOTHER long run by the Mats.

15-16. Jones kills one to keep rallying the Dons.

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Parker Jones
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17-19. Cummings “tools” the block for a badly needed point.

19s. Risch kills one deep to the back line. Perfect placement.

20-19. Dons take back the lead on another big roof by Jones and Elliott. Timeout Mats!

23-21. Matson fires a rocket for a kill.

24-23. RischElliott team roof! Set Point!

25-23. Grobeck guest sets a “pipe” to Jones in the back row. You guessed it: Kill. The Dons have rallied back from down 0-2 to force a 5th set!

Alex MatsonClick on image to buy game photos

Alex Matson
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Fifth Set:

1-0. Webster sets up Clever, kill!

3s. Elliott in the middle. Kill. Dons found something to exploit.

4s. See above!

6-7. Matson pounds the ball off the blockers. Phew.

6-9. Time out Dons, after some difficulty.

9-10. Clever Ace!

12-11. ROOOOOOOF! Elliott and Risch!

13-12. Monster angle kill from Jones. Go Dons!

14-12. Another roof! Matson and Elliott. Match point for the Dons!

14-16. Sadly, the Dons would not score again tonight, and the pesky Matadors end up exacting some revenge on the Dons, winning the match in five sets. The Dons showed a ton of grit in battling back from 0-2 to take it to a fifth set, but Miramonte played solid ball all around and earned the win.