Oct 12 – Varsity Girls Water Polo. Lady Dons Struggle in Rematch with Campolindo

This past Wednesday, (October 12), the Lady Dons water polo team, squared off against their DFAL league rivals, the Campolindo Cougars.
The Lady Dons have already faced the Cougars once this season, in the semifinals of the Acalanes Invitational. Although the Dons fought valiantly, they were unable to defeat the cougars in the Invitational. Despite some questionable reffing, and the absence of a key player, Barbara Lanier, the Lady Dons were clearly outplayed and lost 9-4. Going into the game, coach Misha Buchel was confident with their defensive plan, but aware of the stiff competition that was presented by Campolindo.
“It’s easier to match up with them then some other teams because their best players aren’t post up players, so it’s not like we have to make sure we have a post up defender. We just need to have someone that can swim with them and is fairly quick.” said coach Buchel.

In the beginning of the first quarter, the Cougars took command of the game with a quick 2-0 lead. It was senior Molly Quinn that put the Lady Dons first goal on the board in the later minutes of the first quarter.

In the second quarter, the Cougars scored another goal that was quickly answered back by Quinn, who capitalized on a man-up opportunity, which is one aspect of the game that coach Buchel said they would need to dominate in if they wished to win the game.
“Tomorrow against Campo, I think we’ll have a lot of six-on-five opportunities, and if we do win that game, it’s going to be because we finished better then we have been doing in the past.” said Buchel.

Unfortunately for the Lady Dons, the Cougars regained their two goal lead as quickly as Quinn had taken it from them and heading into half time the Dons were down 4-2.

Coming out of their half-time talk, the Lady Dons seemed ready to play and junior Megan Dietrich scored twice on the Campolindo goalie, who had been dominant throughout most of the game. While the Lady Dons looked good offensively, they also let in the same amount of goals that they scored, keeping them at a two goal deficit leaving the game at 6-4 in Campolindo’s favor moving into the fourth.

In the fourth quarter, the Lady Dons appeared to lose some of their fire, and before they knew it the Cougars had jumped ahead by six goals that were scored through their hole set, and a few mental lapses by the Lady Dons.

In the closing seconds of the game, sophomore Chase Lanier got an advantage on a counter attack and scored, putting the Lady Dons five goals behind the Cougars. The game finished out with a score of Campolindo 10 Acalanes 5.

Even though it is a tough time in the season to take a loss to their rivals, the Lady Dons aren’t going to dwell on it and are looking forward into the most important tournament of the year in November, NCS.

“Even though these rival games may label us going into NCS, it is really the games in November that will count.” said Senior Kate Avery.

-Blueprint Staff Writer Tommy Bush