Oct 11 – Girls Volleyball over Northgate

YOUR Acalanes Dons Girls Volleyball team traveled to their new league member Northgate High School with the goal of a solid win and momentum heading into a big home game against rival Miramonte on Thursday. The team did not disappoint! Here’s how it went down…

First Set

0-3       Slow start. The Broncos are serving well.

1-3       Roxy Cummings and Theresa Nevins turn the mo around with a big ROOF!

2-3       Alex Matson keeps it rolling with an ace!

3-3       See above.

5-5       Lane Webster sets a quick “3” to Melissa Elliott and bam, kill!

7-5       Parker Jones gets in on the fun with a “thunder bomb”!

9-5       Zoe McPhail hammers an ACE and the Broncos take a TO.

15-12   Jones with a solo stuff block, sweet!

17-12   Maddie Kalil serves up an ace!

18-13   Devin Grobeck has been passing and digging beautifully in this set, making it easy for Webster to set up Jones for a line kill to the deep corner. Nice!

21-15   Run of kills by Jones, Matson and Nevins leads to a Broncos TO. But, it doesn’t stop the Dons rolling on with a Cummings kill finishing the set at 25-18.


Second Set

2-0       Webster back set to Matson with a wrist away kill.

3-0       Nevins and Madi Risch put up a wall and a block. Broncos cover well and pop it up, but Nevins pounces and kills the over pass.

4-0       Long point with a flying save by Webster. Nevins on fire finishes the point with another ROOF!

5-2       More Nevins fire…kills a “3”.

7-11     Broncos on a run; TO Dons.

8-11     Coach Ernie must have given a good speech cuz Grobeck and Matson have great diving saves and the Dons take the point.

9-11     Jones follows up with an ACE!

17-15   Great defense ensues setting up kills by Jones & Risch.

21-16   An ace by Matson and a 4 point serving run by McPhail put the end in sight for the Dons.

25-20   Kalil to Cummings to finish set two!


Third Set

1-0       Webster sets Jones and she tools the block; point!

5-3       Dons serving has been solid all night. Grobeck serves up an Ace. And then, Kalil, awwwww Ace!

6-3       Jones sweeeeet line kill.

8-4       Elliott with a strong block and Broncos play great D, but Matson transitions well and finishes the point with a kill.

9-4       Loooong rally with great defense and blistering hits on both sides; Matson finishes it with a soft shot that finds the floor.

10-4     Sam Darin gets in on the action with a tool off the Bronco block; point!

11-4     Darin on fire; kill!

15-9     Webster pass, Kalil set, Elsa Clever hit; bam!

16-9     Matson rips a serve setting Jones up for the BOUNCE on the overpass.

18-10   Grobeck, awwwwww ace!

20-12   Rachel Go puts up a sweet “3” and Elliott knocks it down.

21-15   Jones, pipe, kill.

22-19   Broncos trying to make a late comeback; TO Dons.

24…    Dons get stuck, but

25-21   Webster sets up a “5” and Matson knocks it down for the W!!


Dons end the night with a League record of 4-1 (14-5 overall.) Props to the Broncos for some solid play. And props to the Dons for great teamwork and energy. Let’s keep it rolling when the Mats come to town on Thursday. COME CHEER ON YOUR DONS!!

Lauren Webster