Oct 1 – Girls Volleyball win in 3

Las Lomas #1 10/1/15

Your Acalanes Dons visit the Knights on a beautiful night (NOT 100 degrees!)

2-1 Jones kill gets the Dons started. Las Lomas is a younger team this year.

7-4 Jones Aces the serve

8-4 Long rally and a Webster block

9-4 Webster with a line kill…mmm tasty

12-5 Marjerum with the dunk in the Middle

15-8 Bolen with a nice block

17-8. Stanford: Ahhhhh Ace!

19-8 Grobeck makes a sweet pass to keep the point alive and then Time Out Knights. Dons playing nice and steady.

23-10. Nice ups by Stanford on some short serves and Marjerum finishes with a kill in the middle

25-11 Roberts finds a crease with a kill, then scores again to win the set with a sweet roll shot that finds wood.

2nd set:

1-0. Mimi White with the ROOF.

2-1 Webster says “I can ROOF too!”

3-5. Knights on a little roll but Graham shuts it down with a kill, and then Lam serves 2 straight aces…6-5 Dons!

8-6 Webster kills it down the line.

10-7 Stanford. Ace. Again.

12-7. Jones heating up. 2 Big Kills. This Las Lomas Alum is worried for the Knights!

15-7. Dons front line blocking really well. Jones roofage.

17-7. Stanford. Ace. Again. And then another one!!!

19-8. Gay and Porep with nice passes. And Jones finishes With Authority.

21-9 Elliot kill off the Kalil set! Beautiful.

25-15. Dons finish it off to take the 2nd set.

Set 3:

1-1. Nevins with the kill in the middle to get the Dons started in the 3rd.

5-3. Nice dig by Jones then Bolen to Webster for the kill.

7-3. Graham with “the Elevation Sensation” kill. And Lam follows with an Ace! 8-3.

10-6 Graham pounds a kill. Dons trying to build a lead and finish this match in 3.

14-7. Nevins with a big block winner, Grobeck with an Ace, and LL with a timeout to try and regroup!

15-7. Timeout ineffectual. Grobeck Ace.

16-7. Kalil in to set and she launches a good one for a Jones sharp angle kill.

18-8 Teee Nevins with a kill.

19-8. Web. Ster. Kill.

22-14. Roberts gets a back row kill after a long rally. Dons closing in on it…..

25-16 And the Dons close it out in 3!

Game scores: 25-11, 25-15, 25-16.
Dons improve to 5-4 on the season.

Ken Webster