Nov 9 – Girls Volleyball

YOUR Acalanes Dons girls volleyball team traveled to Miramonte on Wednesday night to battle the Matadors in the “Matadome” for the North Coast Section Division 3 semi-finals. This is the second consecutive year the Dons have reached this stage of the post-season – so awesome! – but it would be a stiff challenge to advance against the talented Mats. Read on…

First Set:

2-0. Dons start out quick with a Madi Risch kill after a long rally and great digs by Alex Matson and Maddie Kalil.

3-1. Parker Jones kill after another long rally. Both teams appear ready.

3-6. Mats rally.

4-8. Risch tools the block for a kill after a Dons timeout.

5-11. Mats are hard to handle right now, but Devin Grobeck delivers a back row kill from the Libero position to stop the bleeding.

8-14. Grobeck bump set to Jones for a line kill. Dons are trying to string a run together.

12-17. Zoe McPhail serves the Mats “out of system” twice, leading to a couple of scores.

12-20. Timeout Dons. Looking to crack the code.

13-20. Risch kill. Nice.

14-25. Tough first set. Let’s Go Dons!

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Madi Risch
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Second Set:

2-0. Matson Ace!

3-0. Elsa Clever delivers a huge block. The Acalanes fans are loud!

5-1. Jones ranges across the court for high ball and kills it.

6-3. Mel Elliott hammers a “1” for a kill.

7-4. Jones stuffs an overpass. Yummy.

10-8. Risch kill stops a Mats mini-rally.

10-11. Timeout Dons after yet another Mats mini-rally.

12-14. Grace Higgins and Sarah Nelson rotate in for the Dons to try and spark the team.

15-16. Jones big kill. Dons going all out!

16-17. Matson: awesome angle kill.

18-19. Theresa Nevins arrives in street clothes (concussion) and the Dons immediately score! Good luck charm?

20-22. Four hits by Miramonte. That is one too many.

20-25. Bummer. Dons fall in the second.

Devin GrobeckClick on image to buy game photos

Devin Grobeck
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Third Set:

1-3. Risch gets a “high hands off the block” kill.

3-6. Super Grobeck dig keeps the point alive and the Dons convert.

4-6. Risch Ace!

5-7. Matson kill. Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

6-7. Matson again. Great Kalil set off a crazy dig.

7-8. Elliott kill.

9-10. Kalil dumps one to the empty floor for a winner.

10-12. Matson hammers one off the Mats blockers.

11-13. Jones down the line. Dons playing great, but Miramonte brought it’s A+ game tonight.

12-15. The official NCS Announcer: “Number 14 Parker Jones with the deep cross court kill for Acalanes.” Well played, sir.

13-15. Great Grobeck dig. Kalil sets Jones, who finishes…With Authority.

13-18. Rough patch. Timeout Dons.

14-19. Incredible dig from McPhail. ZO-EEE! Dons score.

16-20. Elliott with a left-handed floater kill. OK!

17-21. Clever kill on the slide. Dons trying to hang on here in the NCS…

…but suddenly it’s match point…

…and the Dons fall, 17-25.

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Zoe McPhail
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The curse of the Matadome is back for another Dons team to conquer in the future, as the Dons exit the NCS tourney, but is the season really over??? Stay tuned!