Nov 7 – Varsity Girls Volleyball beats Dougherty Valley in 3

Your Acalanes Dons celebrated Senior Night and the final League Match of the season by hosting and defeating the Dougherty Valley Wildcats on Thursday night. Seniors Molly Armstrong, Molly Dalziel and Dory Grobeck were honored — along with their parents Ann and Bill Armstrong, Kelly and Doug Dalziel, and Trisha and Dan Grobeck — for their leadership and contributions to the Acalanes Volleyball Program. There was a great turnout in the gym to celebrate the Seniors and root on the Dons, who with this win have finished DFAL play with an outstanding 9-3 record, securing a second-place finish in League and a 21-8 overall record.


Game #1

1-1 Reilly Webster with the first kill of the night. High fives all around!
2-2 Molly Dalziel with a big angle kill.
3-2 Carly Porep serves up a nasty float serve Ace!
4-2 Parker Jones delivers a ripped kill and the Dons are rolling.
7-5 LONG point with nice digs by Julia Gay, Molly Armstrong and Hannah Roberts, and the Dons finally prevail for the point.
8-5 “Pipe” kill from the back row by Dalziel.
9-7 See above.
10-7 And again! Dalziel literally killing it.
13-9 Dory Grobeck sets Armstrong in the middle for the kill.
15-10 Grobeck sets Dalziel for a powerful down-the-line kill and the 3 Seniors Grobeck, Team Co-Captan Armstrong and Dalziel are leading the attack for the Dons.
16-12 Dalziel scores with a soft, smart kill. The Wildcats are hanging around but the Dons look good.
17-13 Jones lights up the crowd with a BIG back corner kill.
18-13 Tip Tip Hooray! Dalziel with another smart finesse shot.
19-13 ACE! from Gay and D.V. takes a time out to regroup at 20-13.
20-14 Roberts with a back row kill.
22-15 Webster kill.
23-18 Nice set from Grobeck to Webster for the power slam kill!
24-20 Another long rally as the Wildcats don’t want to yield but the Dons take the point and the first set.
25-20 Dons.


Game #2
0-0 Dalziel with a Pipe Kill. So solid.
1-1 Jones with another big kill. Just not diggable.
2-3 …And Jones with another kill.
3-7 The Dons find themselves in a rough patch, and D.V. is playing well. Dalziel with a kill to try and spark a turn-around.
4-7 Devin Grobeck with the ACE!
5-8 Dalziel gets a kill and the Dons are scratching and clawing.
6-8 Dalziel follows it up with a great service ace. The Senior Captain is leading the Dons back.
7-8 Net violation on the Wildcats and the set is tied at 8 all.
10-10 Webster with the kill off the Grace Bolen set.
11-10 Armstrong with a big block. The Senior delivers!
12-10 Bolen lofts a sweet back set to Jones for the deep corner kill…With Authority.
13-10 Dalziel delivers a power kill and the Dons are rolling once again.
14-10 Webster bangs a kill off the D.V. blockers. Time out D.V.!
15-11 Webster nails a kill down the line.
16-11 Roberts serves the Ace and the Dons are opening up some separation.
17-11 D.V. can’t get the ball down as Calista “Fresh Princess” Lam is Gettin’ Diggy Wit It. Lam’s pass on this point sets up Dalziel for the Tip Winner.
18-12 Bolen to Jones to a No Chance For a Return kind of kill.
19-13 Jones again for another kill.
20-13 Dalziel with the deep back line kill – untouched by human hands.
21-15 Dalziel with a nasty service ace. The Senior is taking over, playing great in all phases.
22-15 Webster with a kill as both Bolen and Dory Grobeck continue distributing sets all around the floor tonight.
24-16 Armstrong and Webster ROOF the attacker and Dons win the 2nd Set!
25-16 Dons

Game #3
1-0 Dalziel shows her versatility with a set to Webster for the left side kill.
2-0 Jones with a smart dink over the blockers and onto the floor. Nice finesse along with the power display and the home crowd loves it.
3-0 Oh my. Yummy overpass kill pounded down by Webster!
4-0 Armstrong ROOF! This is fun!
5-0 Bolen Ace to make it 6 straight out of the gate for the Dons and the Wildcats need a timeout.
6-1 Armstrong with the sweet tip winner. The Senior is all over the front row and having fun.
7-1 Roberts with a great serve that D.V. just can’t handle. ACE!
8-1 The Dons are dominating and Jones crushes a kill into mid-court between defenders.
8-3 An incredible diving dig by Dalziel. Dons send the free ball over, but the ensuing Armstrong block lands a little bit outside the line.
12-5 Another diving “up” from Dalziel, this time to Bolen who set middle and Mimi White finishes the point with a smart kill to where they ain’t.
13-6 Webster. Kill. Nice.
17-12 Nice little run by D.V., who to their credit has fought back some, but now White absolutely CRUSHES a middle set from Dory Grobeck to get the Dons fired up and back on track.
19-14 Super defense from the Dons led by Lam and Roberts, and a LONG rally is finished successfully by your Acalanes Dons.
21-16 Big swing and a kill from Webster.
22-16 Another long rally, ended by the back row kill from Dalziel.
24-16 Coach Travis substitutes out Dalziel at match point and the crowd shows its appreciation for the Senior team leader with a rousing ovation. What a player!
24-19 INCREDIBLE up by Lam but D.V. scores and makes it a little closer – or do the Dons not want this fun night to end just yet?
24-20 Webster powers a kill off a D.V. player for the match! Dons win!
25-20 Dons

Grobeck – 21 Assists
Bolen – 17 Assits
Lam – 16 Digs
Armstrong – 3 Blocks
Dalziel – 16 Kills, 2 Aces
Webster – 11 Kills, 2 Blocks
Jones – 9 Kills, 1 Block

By Ken Webster