Nov 5 – Girls Volleyball Mats Squeak by Dons in a Tough Battle

Last League match of the year, as YOUR Acalanes Dons travel to the “Matadome” to battle with Miramonte on Senior Night. The Dons have locked up sole possession of 2nd place in DFAL, but this is always a spirited and tough match no matter what the circumstances. Let’s get ready to rumble!

1st Set:

0-0. Nothing has happened yet!
2-4. Dons down early, but Maddie Graham delivers a kill to get the offense started.
3-4. Reilly Webster creates a wall for a solid roof.
6-6. Long rallly finished by Parker Jones with a powerful kill.
8-7. Grace Bolen set Teresa Nevins on a slide to the outside…kill! Dons lead.
9s. Mimi White delivers a kill at the end of another really long rally. Really tight match so far!
11-9. Carly Porep wisely watches the ball fly out of bounds without hitting it.
13-14. Mats rally and score several tough points…timeout Dons.
16s. Nevins block secures the point for the Dons.
17s. Nevins kill. Middle play is strong again for the Dons tonight.
18-20. Porep with a very nice pass as the Dons try and stay within striking distance.
19-20. Strong serve from Hannah Roberts takes the Mats out of system and Jones finishes.
20s. Great pass from Roberts and Jones executes a smart roll shot to tie it back up!
21-22. Jones kills it again.
22s. …and again! Hustling play by both teams. Timeout Mats.
23-22. Porep saves the point with a fantastic up.
23-24. Nail biting…
23-25. Dons fall in the 1st set.

2nd Set.

3-3. Jones Ace!
4-2. See above!
5-6. Webster “tools” the blocker as the Dons are in a real fight here tonight.
7-8. Nevins REJECTS a dump attempt from Miramonte.
8s. Roberts ties it up on a kill after a long rally. Great team play by the Dons.
8-13. Timeout Dons. The Mats are playing fantastic volleyball in all phases tonight.
8-16. See above, unfortunately.
12-16. Jones kill. Dons rallying.

Parker Jones

15-18. Mimi White with the timely tip winner.
16-19. Jones drops the Thunder Bomb. Let’s Go Dons!
16-23. White hits a nifty deep corner kill.
17-25. Tough set. On to the 3rd. G’Dons!

3rd Set:

3-5. The Matador onslaught continues. Jones kills it and the Dons are giving it everything they’ve got.
5-10. Jones kill. Keep fighting!
6-10. Webster hammers an overpass. Yummy!
8-10. Nevins Roof! Dons scrapping and clawing.
9-13. Mats stretch out the lead again. They refuse to be denied!
15-17. Nice Bolen set to Jones, who finishes it with a monster kill.
16-18. Bolen fakes the set and dumps it over. Winner. Timeout Miramonte. Dons are fighting hard to keep this match going.
20-22. Jones. Roof. Timely.
21-24. Dons on the brink!
22-24. Jones kill. Timeout Mats.
23-24. Devin Grobeck and Calista Lam keep passing to keep the point going and then Jones kills it! Still alive!…
23-25. And the Mats take the 3rd set to win the match.

Dons fall 0-3, and could not crack the code on Miramonte tonight. Kudos to the Mats for a fantastic showing.

Dons finish league play at 9-3 and in 2nd place and will now wait and see who they will meet in next week’s NCS.

Ken Webster