Nov 5 – Acalanes Girls Volleyball NCS Quarterfinal

YOUR Acalanes Dons girls volleyball team hosted the St. Patrick-St. Vincent Bruins on Saturday night in the Quarterfinals of the North Coast Section Tournament, looking to stay hot and advance to the Semifinals…


Acalanes Girls Volleyball 2hot2handleClick on image to buy game photos

Acalanes Girls Volleyball #2hot2handle
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First Set:

1-0. Parker Jones kill. Familiar Dons territory!

2-0. Jones Ace. Nice start!

4-1. Theresa Nevins dig! Alex Matson kill and the crew of white-shirted NCS referees are totally into the match.

6-3. Maddie Kalil stuff.

9-4. Matson roll shot kill to the back line. Time out Bruins as the Dons are in control.

14-6. Madi Risch fires a sharp angle kill to the Dons rolling and the crowd rocking!

18-12. Melissa Elliott crushes a kill in the middle!

19-12. Tough serve from Devin Grobeck that the Bruins can’t handle and overpass…Jones stuffs it.

23-13. Grobeck kill!!!

24-13. Nevins stuffs the overpass. Yummy.

25-13. Just Jones. Dons win the first set.


Parker JonesClick on image to buy game photos

Parker Jones across the pipe
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Second Set:

6-7. Choppy back and forth start. Jones gets the crowd’s attention with a big kill.

9s. Nevins nifty to the sideline.

12s. Jones crusher.

16-12. Jones Ace. Senior Captain.

17-12. Nevins solo ROOF.

20-14. Zoe McPhail Serve…Zoe McPhail dig…Risch kill. Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

24-15. Matson and Elliott team up for another ROOF!

25-15. Lane Webster serves out the set!


Devin GrobeckClick on image to buy game photos

Devin Grobeck
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Third Set:

2-3. Matson kill. Dons looking to get grooving in the 3rd.

3-6. Still looking…

5-7. Elliott pounds one in the middle.

Melissa ElliottClick on image to buy game photos

Melissa Elliott
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10-8. Kalil Ace as the Dons re-assert control.

11-9. Jones Thunder Bomb!

13-10. Nevins on fire in the middle.

16-13. Webster sets Jones for a kill, but the Broncos are hanging tough in this set.

16-18. Rough patch! Timeout Dons.

18s. Kalil exhibits outstanding defense during a long rally.

19-21. Bruins roar back again.

21s. Jones kill from the “pipe.” All tied up.

22-21. Risch kill regains the lead. Can I get a Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!?

23-21. Matson “tools” the block and the Bruins take a TO. Let’s. Go. Dons. #finish.

25-21. Risch! #finished!. Dons win in 3 sets and advance to the NCS Semis!


Alex MatsonClick on image to buy game photos

Alex Matson
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Don’t miss it Wednesday night as the Dons visit Miramonte! The Dons will need your support!