Nov 4 – Varsity Girls Volleyball beats Alhambra in 3

Your Acalanes Dons traveled to Martinez to face the Alhambra Bulldogs and answer the important questions: “Who let the Dogs out”. Tonight it was the Dons who are now 20-7 and 8-2 in league. 
Game #1
0-1 Parker Jones gets the Dons started with a kill off the block. 
1-1 Mimi White and Jones team up for the woof. 
4-3 Molly Dalziel unleashes an untouched cross court kill to the 10′ line. 
5-4 Dalziel gets another kill, this time off the block. 
7-5 Molly Armstrong dives for the ball and retrieves it just before it hits the floor keeping the point alive. Grace Bolen sets Dalziel out of the back row for the kill. 
8-7 Bolen, looking like the alpha dog, takes control of the play and gets a perfect solo stuff block. 
9-7 Reilly Webster and White team up for the block. 
10-7 Jones leaps from 8′ off the net and puts a ball straight down. 
11-7 Jones with another kill, this time to the back row. 
12-8 Bolen back sets Webster for the cross court kill. 
13-8 Roberts with the ace to the open middle. 
15-10 Dalziel smokes a kill between 4 different defenders. 
16-10 Armstrong goes up strong and annihilates the ball for the kill. 
17-10 Dalziel gets a kill off the block. 
20-12 Webster with the solo stuff block. 
22-14 Dory Grobeck with the sweet set to Webster for the kill. 
23-14 Grobeck follows the sweet set up with a sweet ace. 
24-15 Grobeck‘s ‘1’ to White equals kill. 
25-15 Dons
Games #2
0-2 Jones gets the party started again with the kill off the Bolen set. 
1-2 Calista Lam – throws down the ace.
2-2 Dalziel – solo stuff block. 
3-2 Armstrong – solo stuff block. 
4-2 Jones unleashes a cross court kill. 
8-2 Dalziel smokes the ball past two blockers for the kill. 
9-2 repeat above. 
10-5 Jones with the far corner kill.
11-5 Julia Gay and a hard knuckle ace. 
13-6 Dalziel cranks out an ace. 
14-6 Maddie Graham and the yummy. 
15-6 Bolen to Graham and the kill. 
16-6 Dalziel flies out of the back row for the kill. 
17-6 Graham gets a kill off the block. 
18-7 see above. 
19-7 Maddie Kalil sets White for the kill. 
20-7 Kalil pushes the ball out to Graham who gets the kill off the block. 
22-10 White hangs in the air, like an Australian Shepard going for a frisbee, and gets the kill. 
23-10 Jones and White on the block are as close as kibble and bits. 
25-12 Dons
Game #3
1-4 The Dons shake off a slow start when Jones and White combine for a big block.
3-6 Jones puts the ball to the ground with the devastating pound. 
4-6 Dalziel with another cross court kill. 
5-7 Dalziel hits a body shot kill. 
6-7 Dalziel – ace
7-7 Dalziel – ace
8-10 Webster takes just enough off the ball for the change-up kill. 
10-10 Bolen sets Dalziel in the back row and the kill. 
11-10 Devon Grobeck throws out an ace. 
12-10 Webster with a hard angle kill shot. 
13-11 Bolen‘s ‘1’ to White equals kill. 
15-11 J&W roofing company are working hard tonight. 
16-11 Bolen and a well timed ace. 
17-13 It’s a dog and pony show with multiple players with solid hits, but nothing goes down until Jones gets a kill to the back row. 
18-13 Jones with a rocket kill. 
20-13 Carley Porep‘s smok’n ace explodes off an Alhambra player for the ace. 
21-14 Jones smokes a kill off the block. 
23-15 Jones crushes the ball to the 10 foot line for the untouched kill. 
25-15 Dons
Bolen – 28 assists and 1 block
Jones – 11 kills and 4 blocks
Dalziel – 10 kills and 3 aces
White – 5 kills and 5 blocks
Doug Dalziel