Nov 4 – Girls Volleyball wins at Dougherty Valley

YOUR Acalanes Dons visit Dougherty Valley for the 2nd of 3 straight nights of volleyball.
Don’t want to jinx it but a win tonight clinches a solo 2nd place finish in DFAL. Go Dons!

1st Set:

3-1. Parker Jones starts off in a familiar way…with a kill to the floor.
6-2. Reilly Webster starts off in a familiar way too…line kill.
8-6. Teresa Nevins gets up high and pushes the ball into an empty spot for a winner. Smart play.
10-7. Nice passing from Calista Lam and Grace Bolen dumps one over for a point. Another smart play.
13-7. Jones kill and Hannah Roberts follows that up with an Ace! Timeout D.V.
14-8. Nice pass by Carly Porep to Bolen, who sets Webster for the kill. “In System” and its working.
16-8. Mimi White. Middle kill. Powerful.
20-13. Maddie Graham gets a kill. Dons are closing in on the set win…
22-13. Devin Grobeck, the birthday girl, serves an ace!
25-14. Dons start strong.

2nd Set:

1-0. Grobeck makes an incredible “up” that Jones finishes with a backwards-facing one-armed kill. What?
2-0. Lam kills it from the back row.
4-1. Webster kill, Graham kill. Dons rolling.
6-7. Well it’s not all Mr. Pibb and Red Vines. D.V. fights back and takes the lead.
8-8. Jones steadies the squad with a kill.
13-10. Bolen has a strong serve run and Jones follows that up with an Ace as the Dons try and reassert control.
14-10. Jones. Ace. Again.
15-13. D.V. is hanging tough, but Webster pounds a kill off of the Bolen back set.
17-16. Nevins winner keeps the Dons ahead, barely.
18-16. Nice Porep pass and then Jones…big kill.
19-17. Nevins again!
19-18. Wildcats still scoring and causing the Dons trouble…Timeout Dons.
20-19. White Roof!
22-23. Two Jones kills keep the Dons in it…Timeout D.V.
22-25. D.V takes the 2nd.

3rd Set:

3-2. Porep – nice pass. White – nice kill. This is a battle!
5-5. Nevins kill.
8-7. Jones kill. D.V. playing inspired on their Senior Night.
11-9. W&W Roofing Company shows up for work. Dons need to refuse to lose!!!
13-10. Porep. Ahhhhhh……Ace!
14-10. See above! Timeout Wildcats!
15-11. Bolen dumps one into the “campfire.” There is tension in the gym at this juncture.
17-12. Nevins. ROOF!!
18-12. Nevins kill. D.V. can’t answer the Dons power in the middle.
20-14. Just great all-around team play as a long rally is finished off by a Jones kill…a little bit of breathing room for the Dons.
22-15. Thunder Bomb kill for White in the middle. BOOM! Dons are closing in on the 3rd set and have really regrouped nicely.
25-17. Juila Gay serves it and then passes like butter, and Webster kills it on the back line like a surgeon to finish off the set. Exhale. On to the 4th. Let’s Go Dons!!!

4th Set:

1-0. Bolen sets White for yet another middle kill to start off the Dons. Good strategy.
4-2. Jones drops the hammer.
9-8. Suddenly Dons are barely hanging on again. D.V. is doing a great job on defense, digging everything, and keeping Acalanes “out of system” and off rhythm. Certainly no lack of Dons effort!
11-9. Smart short set by Bolen to White, who pushes it over into a blind spot. Dons scoring any way that they can right now.
14-10. Webster brings the sizzle off the Bolen back set. Kill!
15-10. Graham! Roof! Timely!
16-10. Webster! Roof! Timely! Time Out D.V.
17-10. Yes!
17-13. No!
19-13. Porep! Ace!
20-13. Webster paints the back line with a kill.

21-14. Graham kill! Creeping. Closer. Point. By. Point.
23-15. Exhaling. Great Lam and Porep passing! As I’ve said 100 times, it all starts with passing 🙂
24-20. Not done yet! Credit to D.V. for not giving up and making a late run. Time out Dons. Let’s Finish This Dons!!!
25-20! Dons win! And then they all sing Happy Birthday to Devin. Sorry but they are much better volleyball players than singers!
Dons move to 8-2 in league and 16-6 overall.

Come on out to Miramonte High tomorrow night for the last DFAL volleyball league game…ever!..and root for the Dons!

Ken Webster