Nov 3 – Dons Girls Volleyball Victorious on Senior Night

It’s Senior Night for the Dons, so we celebrate the Senior Crew: Grace Bolen, Julia Gay, Maddie Graham, Calista Lam, Carly Porep, Hannah Roberts, Reilly Webster and Mimi White. That is a lot of collective years of hard work and fun with Acalanes Volleyball! Congrats Seniors!

Now, on to the match against the Lady Bulldogs of Alhambra.

1st Set:

4-1. Dons establish an early lead, with Bolen setting Webster for a big hit, but it gets dug, but then it gets ROOFED by Webster! Seniors!

Grace Bolen

5-1. Parker Jones. Ace!
6-1. Webster line kill and timeout Bulldogs.
7-1. Graham and White double up for a ROOF! Seniors!
8-1. Jones. Another Ace! Alright Dons!
9-2. White with a middle kill. The Dons inside game looks sharp tonight.


Mimi White
Photo: Craig Nelson


12-4. Teresa Nevins delivers a nifty shovel kill into the Alhamba “campfire” for a winner.
15-5. Lam fires over a tricky service ball, and Nevins finishes off the resulting Alhambra overpass. Timeout Bulldogs!
17-5. PERFECT Bolen set to Nevins on the “Back 1” play for a quick kill that gives Alhambra’s defense no time to react.
20-7. Roberts serves a hot potato, resulting in another low hit that White stuffs on the block. Seniors!
22-9. Dons don’t score this time, but a SWEET dig from Lam deserves a shout out.

Calista Lam

25-11. White hammers a bomb straight down to the floor to lock up the first set! Nice set from Bolen. Seniors!

2nd Set:

1-0. Porep bumps up a PERFECT pass to Bolen, to Webster for the kill down the line. Senior Teamwork!

Carly Porep

4-2. Graham kills one with her patented cross-court sharp angle shot.

Maddie Graham

5-2. And Graham again to the deep back corner. Untouchable.
7-2. Jones. Ace. G’Dons!
9-3. ROOF from the W&W Roofing Company (Webster & White)!….Yay Seniors!

Webster and White

10-3. Porep and Bolen go 2 on 6: dig, pass, hit and win. Seniors!
15-6. Roberts Ace! Dons are really playing solid as a team tonight.
18-10. Webster fires another cannon shot down the line. Winner!
19-11. Porep to Bolen to Webster for a winner. Seniors in sync!
22-15. Nevins kills it to stop a little Bulldog run.
23-15. See above.
25-15. Bolen dumps her set into the empty floor in the middle of the defense. Bulldog Campfire. Don’s take the 2nd!

3rd Set:

3-2. The salty veteran White delivers a kill from the middle.
6-6. Dons a little out of sync, but the seasoned 4-year letterman Bolen steadies the squad with a rock solid set to Nevins for a kill.
9-7. The wily and experienced Porep goes ahead and hits the ball twice in a row off the ceiling – nobody in white shirts notices! – and the Dons win the point with a Jones kill.

Hannah Roberts Photo: Craig Nelson

Hannah Roberts

Photo: Craig Nelson

13-8. Roberts is serving really well and Lam is passing really well, and the Dons are starting to stretch out a lead.

16-10. White pass to Bolen who sets back to White for the kill.
19-10. Mellisa Elliott stuffs an overpass. Yummy!
20-10. Jones! Ace! Timeout Bulldogs!
21-10. Julia Gay – Senior! – serves an Ace and follows it with a great dig.


Julia Gay
Photo: Craig Nelson

23-14. It’s not pretty but it works: Graham makes a diving “up” that Bolen pops over to Senior Co-Captain Webster who slaps it into the top of the net..and it rolls over for a point.

Reilly Webster

25-15. Frosh Finish! Again! Obviously Cali Boustani is the Don’s secret match close-out weapon!

Dons win in 3. Congrats again seniors!

Acalanes improves to 7-2 and in second place in DFAL and 15-6 overall.


Varsity Volleyball Senior Class

Varsity Volleyball Senior Class
Photo: Craig Nelson

Ken Webster