Nov 22 – Girls Volleyball Rolls into NorCal Regional Championship

8 teams were left in the CIF Division 3 State Championship Tournament, and YOUR Acalanes Dons Girls Volleyball team hosted Buhach Colony from Atwater on Tuesday night, looking to keep their historic state tourney run going.

First set:

Madi Risch back line kills the Maddie Kalil Set. Nice start 2 Mads!

4-2. Nice Lane Webster sets to Parker Jones, and to Alex Matson, and the Thunder end up hitting it wide.

5-2. Webster Ace!

6-5. Jones kills from the “pipe” after the Thunder rally back.

10-7. Jones kill. All business.

11-8. Superlative pass from Devin Grobeck. Kalil sets Jones to finish the point.

12-10. Matson fires a much-needed angle kill.

16-15. Long rallies and great play on both sides. Another great battle, as expected.

18-16. Huge roof from Melissa Elliott. Timeout Thunder.

20-16. Great Kalil back set to Jones…kill.

22-17. Elliott Roof!

23-18. Multiple ALL STAR digs from Jones! Fantastic. Timeout Buhach Colony.

25-19. Theresa Nevins rejects the kill attempt and the Dons take the first set!

Second set:

1-0. Elliott with another roof to start the Dons off right. The block is working.

  • Kalil Ace! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

6-7. Roxy Cummings with a nice kill. Another tight set so far.

13s. Buhach rallies. Matson stops it with a roll shot kill.

14s. Risch delivers a deep line kill.

17-18. Rough patch. Matson kill after a Dons timeout. Phew.

20-19. Dons rally! Webster sets Cummings for a sweet kill.

22-19. Roof!…from the Wall of Doom © (Nevins & Jones)!

24-20. Matson flushes a pipe set, but Buhach digs it out, but over-passes, and Elliott kills it! Yummy.

25-20. Matson take the pipe set again, and destroys it this time. Dons win the Second!

Third Set:

1s. E&J Roofing Company (Elliott & Jones).

4-3. Kalil sets a sweet “1”…Elliott delivers the kill.

6-3. Nevins huge solo roof!!!

7-3. Wow. Jones to Kalil to Matson for a Thunder Bomb kill. Timeout Buhach Colony.

10-4. Webster fires an untouchable Ace!

11-6. Jones roll shot kill. Crafty.

13-8. Sarah Nelson serves and then delivers a perfect set – but the Thunder score this time.

14-9. Jones tools the blockers big time.

16-9. Grobeck: just so solid on the defense. Defense Wins Championships.

18-9. Elliott with yet another huge stuff in the middle. Timeout Thunder!

23-13. Cummings delivers a big kill off the smooth Webster back set, as the Dons close in on a big win…

24-15. Elsa Clever makes lemonade from the Webster set and scores. Match Point!

25-17. Dons win! Jones, as appropriate, closes out the match with a stellar kill. MVP!

And suddenly the Dons find themselves in the Final Four for the D3 State Championship. The girls will host Sonora at Acalanes on Saturday night at 7pm for the Northern California Finals. Come out and support the team! The winner will travel down to Anaheim for the State Championship match.

(“Wall of Doom” copyright 2012, Doug Dalziel)