Nov 19 – Girls Volleyball moves on in State

YOUR Acalanes Dons Girls volleyball team hosted the Aptos Mariners in the CIF State Championships Round of 16. Your correspondent scoured the record books and is not aware of any Acalanes volleyball team participating in the State Championships, so it was with pride and excitement that the Dons took the home court on Saturday night!

First set:

1-2. Parker Jones gets the Dons started with a really nice location shot off the Devin Grobeck set.

3-4. Alex Matson back corner kill off the Maddie Kalil set.

6-9. Jones rip. Dons not in synch yet.

7-9. Kalil Ace!

9s. Madi Risch kill ties it up.

13-12. Jones from the pipe. Dons back in the lead.

14-13. Great Matson dig. Jones finishes it off.

18-14. Lane Webster back set to Roxy Cummings for a nice kill.

21-17. Jones hammers another one. Dons now in synch. Time out Aptos.

22-21. Aptos fights back. TO Dons.

25-23. Somehow the Dons won the first set in exciting fashion! I couldn’t watch.

Second set:

2-3. Jones with a big kill after another slow start.

4s. Theresa Nevins stuffs an overpass straight down. Yassss.

7s. Matson down the line to the back corner. Excellent shot ties it up.

7-11. Rough patch. Timeout Dons.

12-14. Tough battle tonight! Jones kills one.

15-17. Mariners not going away. Nevins roof!

16-20. Time out Dons. Nothing to see here. Move along…

20-21. Dons fight back!

21-24. Jones kill to keep the set alive, barely.

21-25. Dons drop the second to the scrappy Mariners.

Third set:

  • Kalil Ace starts the Dons off right.

3-1. Big Jones kill from the Kalil set.

4-7. Another rough patch for the Dons and Coach wants a time out to settle down the squad.

5-7. Matson tools the blockers after a long rally.

7-8. Matson Ace!

9-8. Another Matson Ace!

11-10. Sarah Nelson serve gives the Dons the lead.

12-11. Melissa Elliott hammers a “1” in the middle for a big point.

16-14. Dons win a long rally. Timeout Aptos. Lets Go Dons!

19-16. Jones kill.

20-17. Jones kill.

22-18. Jones kill. Timeout Mariners as they seek an answer for the Senior Captain.

23-18. Kalil Ace off the timeout! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

24-18. Risch kill! Set Point.

25-18. R & E Roofing Company finishes the set with a ROOF! (Risch & Elliott).

Fourth set:

1s. Jones kills one With Authority.

2-3. Beautiful digs from Grobeck and the Dons score after a long rally.

3-4. Nevins kill. Looks like another very close set.

6-7. Jones hangs in the air, contorts, and finishes the point.

8-9. Matson kill off the “tight” Kalil set. Dons offense is getting faster, which is good.

11s. Matson and Nevins block one to tie it up. Epic battle.

13-12. Nevins stuff. Dons take their first lead in the 4th.

15-14. Webster smacks a legit back row kill.

16-14. Kalil Ace! Timeout Aptos.

17-15. Elliott dumps one to the floor. Crucial point.

18-16. Webster pass hits the ceiling but Kalil adjusts and recovers it and sets Matson for a ripped kill! Do they practice that?

19-16. Grobeck Ace! The home crowd is wild.

22-18. Nevins turns an ugly jungle ball rally into something beautiful with a stuff kill. Aptos takes their final timeout as the Dons try to close out this tough match.

23-19. Tip party at the net. Dons get the last tip from Matson!

24-20. Nevins REJECTS the Aptos Setter’s attempt at a dump. Match point!


Jones kill! Dons Win! 25-21!

Dons defeat the Mariners 3 sets to 1 and advance to the NorCal Semifinals (State Quarterfinals!). Get everyone you know to come out next Tuesday night at 7pm to cheer YOUR Acalanes Dons as they take on Buhach Colony of Atwater.