Nov 14 – Acalanes Girls Volleyball advance to NCS semifinal

NCS Round of 8. Acalanes v. Sonoma Valley

YOUR Lady Dons welcome the Sonoma Valley Dragons for the last home game of the year.

1st Set:

Mimi WhitePhoto: Karen Elliott

Mimi White
Photo: Karen Elliott

1-3. Parker Jones kills it for the first Dons point.
4-4. Reilly Webster blocks one to tie it up.
7-6. Theresa Nevins roofs it to give the Dons the lead!
9-7. Maddie Graham gets in on the action with a powerful kill off the blocker.
12-10. Grace Bolen sets to the middle and Mimi White delivers a soft, well-place winner. Nobody home.
18-15. Hannah Roberts makes a textbook pass to Bolen, and Graham finishes it off.
20-16. Carly Porep serves a gem that flummoxes the Dragon defense. Time out S.V.
22-17. Jones kill, behind great Dons passing from Calista Lam and Devin Grobeck.
24-20. Porep saves the point with a SICK one-armed up! Jones completes the winner.
25-20. Jones finishes a long point with more great Dons defense and the Dons take the First.

2nd Set:

1-1. Jones kill. Yesssss.
3-2. This time White chooses power over finesse and rips it in between the back row defenders.
7-4. Bolen and Nevins combine for a ROOF!
9-5. Porep with another wicked serve and the Dragons can’t get it back over.
11-13. Dragons run. “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen”…Time out Dons.
14-16. Graham kill. Dons fighting back.
15-16. Lam! Ace!
18-19. Jones with a big kill to keep the Dons close.

Parker JonesPhoto: Karen Elliott

Parker Jones
Photo: Karen Elliott

20-19. Jones FINALLY gives the Dons the lead after the Longest Point of the Season. Everybody in the gym is tired after that rally.
21s. Epic battle.
24-21. Graham stuffs the overpass! Yummy. Dons make a big run at the right time.
25-21. Winner! Dons take the Second.

3rd Set:
1-1. Grobeck makes a great pass off a kill attempt, and Jones follows with a kill that cannot be passed back.
4-1. Bolen Ace! Go Dons!
6-2. Jones Ace! G’Dons!
7-3. Solo stuff from White. Dons trying to slay the dragon, metaphorically speaking.
9-3. Roberts Ace after some spectacular defense from the Dons.
11-3. Short quick set from Bolen to White in the middle. You know the result. Dons are rollin’.
13-3. Jones dives and delivers a “Parker Pancake” from the back row and the Dons take the point.
14-4. Webster line kill. Her specialty.

Maddie GrahamPhoto: Karen Elliott

Maddie Graham
Photo: Karen Elliott

19-7. Jones: Monster kill and the gym erupts.
23-10. White ROOOOOOOF!
24-13. Dragons fight hard, but now it’s match point for the Dons…
25-13. Roberts sends Acalanes to the NCS semi-finals with an Ace!!! Way to go Dons!

Dons win 3-0

Alert: there will be no write up for next Wednesday night’s Campo match, so if you want to know what happens you need to come to the game and root on YOUR Acalanes Dons!