Nov 11 – Dons Girls Volleyball Wins NCS Opener

YOUR Acalanes Dons start NCS Tournament play at home hosting Moreau Catholic from Hayward.

1st Set:

1-1. Carly Porep make a solid pass, Maddie Kalil sets it up, and Parker Jones delivers her first kill of the night.
5-4. Mimi White punishes the defense with a kill in the middle.
7-4. Nice saving “ups” by Maddie Graham and Theresa Nevins, enabling the line kill from Reilly Webster.

a IMG_5750

Theresa Nevins
Photo: Karen Elliott

11-5. Devin Grobeck is on a service run as the Dons stretch out an early lead.
12-5. Nevins ROOF! Timeout Mariners.
14-7. Porep back row kill!…technically 🙂
17-7. Kalil: Tricky dump shot into the campfire for a point, followed by a big Jones kill!
20-10. Kalil to Jones…kill. Dons in control.
22-11. Great pass by Calista Lam and Graham delivers a sharp angle kill.
24-14. Graham off a blocker for a kill.
25-11. Jones finishes off the set for the Dons!

2nd Set:

1-0. Jones kill.. Dons looking to start strong.
3-2. Webster double kills, but Moreau fights back.
7-2. Jones. Ahhhhh….Ace!
9-4. Lam. Ahhhhhh….Ace!
13-8. Porep with another back row kill!
16-9. Kalil cooks up a delicious set for White in the middle, who obligingly crushes it to the back corner. So yummy!

a IMG_5677

Maddie Kalil
Photo: Karen Elliott

19-11.  Jones. Ahhhh….Ace! Again!
21-11. See above.  Great Dons serving tonight!
25-16. Dons finish the 2nd like the 1st: Strong!

3rd Set:

2-2. White delivers the set this time and Jones pounds it for the kill.
5-6 Hannah Roberts serves a hot dog with mustard that is too spicy for the Mariners to handle…
6-7. Webster slams a kill off the blockers.  Meanwhile, Moreau is exhibiting some great defense to hold the early lead.
10-10. Lam serves a winner.
12-12. Kalil delivers a smart deep corner shot…winner!
13-13. Kalil: tasty set to Jones for the Thunder Bomb kill.
17-16. Melissa Elliott throws down the block to give the Dons the lead!
21-16. Grobeck Ace! Part of a nice Dons run that stretches the lead. Timeout M.C.
23-18. Nevins. Kill. Grobeck. Ace.  Dons closing in.
24-18. Cali Boustani kill! Match Point!
25-18. Dons win!

Melissa ElliottPhoto: Karen Elliott

Melissa Elliott
Photo: Karen Elliott

Dons take the match 3-0 and move on to quarterfinal play –

at Acalanes on Saturday night vs.

defending champion Sonoma high school.

Come on out!

Ken Webster