Nov 12 – NCS Varsity Girls Volleyball vs. San Rafael

Your Acalanes Dons hosted a home NCS Volleyball match for the 2nd time in the last 7 years. Your Acalanes Dons will host a home NCS playoff match on Saturday at 7 for the first time in 7 years….come on out and join the fun. Apparently 7 is the Dons lucky number…

0-0 Grace Bolen backsets Parker Jones who smacks a ball that pinballs off of two defenders for the kill.

1-4 Jones crushes a line kill.

4-5 Bolen sets Dalziel to the outside for a kill between 2 defenders.

5-5 Dalziel with the roll shot kill on the line.

7-5 Dalziel blasts a kill to the open middle.

8-5 Mimi White and Dalziel team up for the wall.

9-6 Bolen sets Dalziel in the back row for the kill shot that glances off a SR Bulldog for the kill.

11-7 Bolen with the smooooth (so smooth it has 4 o’s) quick set to Reilly Webster for the… (everyone now) KILL!

12-8 Calista Lam splays out on the floor to save a great serve. The ball is perfectly passed to Bolen who sets a “1” to White and the kill.

14-8 Webster (like a spoonful of Lucky Charms) Yummy.

15-8 Carly Porep serves a hard knuckle and as though a gust of wind bursts through the open doors, it falls untouched at the line for the ace.

17-9 Webster, preparing for Thanksgiving, stuffs the ball with a perfect block.

18-10 Jones crushes the ball to the open middle.

19-10 Jones takes the long way round and hits off the block for the kill that fall harmlessly out of bounds.

21-13 Bolen going with the hot hand fires back to Jones who appears to be going for the smash but at the last moment changes up and tips the ball just out of the reach of the defenders and the ball falls harmlessly to the floor.

22-14 Jones crushes the kill off two for the point.

25-14 Dons!

Game #2

0-2 Molly “fashionista” Armstrong gets a push shot kill to the open court.

1-2 Bolen playing great defense saves a hard hit ball. Lam bump-backsets Dalziel for the kill.

2-2 Dalziel and the kill.

4-3 Hannah Roberts has been playing great defense all night and gets to show off her offensive skills with a beautiful roll shot kill.

5-4 Bolen sets Dalziel outside the pin and Molly flies in and smokes a kill cross court.

6-4 Jones annihilates the ball past two defenders for the kill.

7-4 Dalziel is mak’n sandwiches and adds a little extra mustard on the ball.

8-5 Roberts goes Rowdy Yates from the back row (roll’n, roll’n roll’n keep them kills a roll’n rawhide).

10-6 White (ARE YOUR KIDDING ME!) kill

11-6 White with a curvaceous kill that would make Mae West proud.

12-7 White with the tip shot kill to the middle.

White – three different kill shots in three sets. Gets a Red Ryder BB Gun (careful, it will poke your eye out) as a prize, marksman of the night.

13-8 Armstrong with a sugary sweet kill on the line.

14-10 Jones and a strong line kill.

15-10 Dalziel smokes a kill off the block.

16-10 First card is a 10 and Roberts throws the ace, Blackjack.

17-10 Jones – Down Ball!

18-10 Dory Grobeck sets a sweet high outside ball that Dalziel crushes for the kill.

19-10 Jones rollshots to the back line for the point.

21-11 Jones and the solo stuff block!

22-11 Lam with the deceptive “shorty” ace.

23-12 Jones cranks out a kill off the block.

24-13 Long rally with almost everyone on the floor and Roberts rises from the ashes like a Phoenix and crushes the ball for the kill.

25-13 Dons.

Game #3

Layne Webster’s pre-game moonwalk with a camera gets everybody loose.

0-1 Bolen takes a tight pass and tightropes on the line while setting Jones for the kill.

1-3 Jones , channeling Jonny Cash, with a kill that “walks the line”.

3-6 Dalziel – Boom goes the Dynamite!

4-6 Dalziel with kill to the back row.

5-6 Windy Margerum (welcome to the show) comes up with a push shot kill.

7-6 Dalziel smokes a kill between two for the kill.

8-8 Roberts throws herself on the floor to save a great serve, the ball floats over the net and San Rafael “can’t handle the truth”.

9-8 Margerum with a kill off the “1”

11-8 Bolen sets Dalziel in the back row for a filthy kill.

12-9 Webster gets another bowl for cereal, Yummy.

13-10 Armstrong goes big with the kill to the back corner.

15-10 Jones with the kill off the block.

16-10 Grace ace in your face!

17-11 Grobeck sets a sweet “1” to Armstrong and kill.

18-15 Grobeck to Dalziel for the……kill.

19-20 It must be raining in Lafayette, cause Dalziel pulls out the wiper blade kill.

20-22 Dalziel with the hard body shot off a San Rafael defender.

21-22 Margerum and Bolen with a perfect stuff block.

22-22 Dalziel gets a kill to the back corner.

23-22 Bolen casts a large shadow with a perfectly timed stuff block.

24-23 Long rally and up pops Webster like the back-a-mole you can’t hit with the kill shot.

25-23 Dons

Huge back row play through out the night that won’t go noticed in stats!

Bolen – 35 assists and 5 digs!

Dalziel – 19 kills

Lam – 14 digs and 6 assists

Jones – 14 kills

Armstrong – 4 kills

White – 4 kills and 2 blocks