Nov 15 – NCS round 2 – Varsity Volleyball versus Petaluma

If you didn’t make it out to this match, you wish you had. This is why sports are fun –  big intense crowd, close games, contributions by every player and an incredible comeback.

Game #1

0-0 Calista Lam takes the serve delivers a perfect pass to Grace Bolen who dishes a sweet outside set to Molly Dalziel who crushes the ball for the kill – and we are off.

1-0 Mimi White and Reilly Webster team up for the first of many blocks.

4-4 White take the Bolen set and with her noodle arm gets a Devo kill – “crack that whip, give the past a slip”

5-6 Hannah Roberts channels Rowdy Yates – kill.

6-6 Molly Armstrong – ARE YOU KIDDING ME – stuff block!!!

8-7 Dalziel kill to the middle.

10-9 Webster smokes a waterfall kill that falls between two defenders and the net.

11-9 Dalziel throws the ace to the corner.

12-9 Philosophy asks what would happen when an unstoppable force were confronted be an immovable object? – Molly Armstrong answers that question with a solo stuff block (immovable object wins!).

13-9 Webster smacks a Bolen set 12 feet off the net untouched.

14-9 Dalziel gets her Meghan Trainor on and is all about that ace.

17-10 Carly Porep – Serves a hard nasty ball that deflects off the Petaluma Trojans face for the ace. Literally – ” ace, ace, in your face”.

18-14 Parker Jones hits a heavy line shot kill.

19-11 Bolen sets a perfect “1” to White for the kill.

20-12 Webster and White roofing company

Defense does not get the press, but shout outs to Devin Grobeck, Julia Gay and Roberts who are splayed out on the floor multiple times and keep the ball alive.

23-19 Armstrong with a devastating kill.

24-19 Long rally, multiple kudos and it all ends with a Dalziel yummy.


1-2 Webster – a “that is not fair” kill.

3-3 Jones unleashes a body shot kill.

4-3 Armstrong with an outstanding solo stuff block.

5-3 Jones and Armstrong with a huge block.

7-3 The down card is a 10 and Lam’s up card is an ace – blackjack.

8-8 How did we let them get back in? until Jones crushes a Bolen set with a Johnny Cash line shot.

9-12 Armstrong with the big arm swing kill.

10-13 Webster channels Phil Niekro and hits a 7 mph cross court change up for the kill.

11-13 Webster showing versatility – fires off a smok’n kill to the back corner.

12-16 Dalziel unleashes a back row kill of fury.

13-16 Webster kill shot corner.

14-16 Grace tape ace.

16-18 Counting Crows block – Parker Jones and Mimi tell each other fairy tales, She’s looking at you. ah no, no, she’s looking at me. Going up for the big kill. We are blocking up in stereo. When everybody wants a kill, we will put it right at your feet.

17-19 Dalziel untouched kill down the line.

The Dons are down, but it doesn’t quite feel like it.

18-20 Jones fires off a kill that defects off of two hands.

19-20 Armstrong with a devastating solo block.

20-20 Dalziel and the kill.

22-21 Armstrong backsets (???) Dalziel for the kill.

23-23 Webster with a 1 armed block!!

25-23 Dons!

Game #3

0-0 Bolen sets Webster inside and the smack kill ensues.

1-2 Jones with the untouched kill.

3-3 Porep ace!

5-4 Gay throws down the ace.

8-5 Overpass + Dalziel = yummy!

10-10 Armstrong and the hard kill.

11-13 Dalziel back row kill off of 1 defender.

13-14 White with a no doubt about it stuff block.

14-15 Dalziel with a cross court kill off of 1.

16-18 Joust at the net and White has the better lance.

17-18 Lam – yo ace.

18-19 Webster and Armstrong team up for a great block.

19-23 Jones takes a Bolen set 6 feet off the net cranks her body and turns it to a smash near the line.

20-25 Petaluma

Game #4 – I will not do this justice. Great long rallies and often times multiple players on the floor. Petaluma was keeping the Dons out of system and Bolen had to take the first pass often so others had to step up and take the second touch.

0-0 W&W (Webster and White) roofing starts the game off.

1-2 Jones tips the ball just outside the outstretched reaches of Petaluma for the kill.

3-3 Jones with a crush kill between 2 for the kill.

Bolen with an odd jersey substitution, confusion, blood and Dory Grobeck is in.

4-8 Everything is out of system and Roberts steps up and crushes a kill.

5-8 Dalziel gets a kill off the block.

6-13 Wait, how did we get down by this much? Grobeck sets Dalziel for the cross court kill.

Dory is serving for the next 6 points and keep Petaluma off its game.

9-19 Ok, lets figure some things out and regroup for game 5. Fake to White and a Webster kill.

10-19 Webster and White block.

11-19 Webster with a line kill.

12-19 White solo stuff block.

Incomprehensible saves, passes and back row play to keep the Dons in the game.

15-20 Ok, it is nice, we have gotten a couple of points. Jones smokes a Grobeck set off of 1 defender for the kill on the line.

16-20 Roberts throws the ace.

18-21Hey, could this be happening? Grobeck sets Dalziel inside and boom goes the dynamite.

19-22 Dons fake outside and set inside for the Dalziel kill.

20-23 Dalziel and the kill untouched.

21-23 ooh dream weaver, I believe we can get through this ga’ame. Webster with a roll shot kill.

24-25 Really, could this be happening? Webster inside kill.

25-25 Grobeck to Webster who pinballs a kill off of two defenders.

27-25 Dons! The fans rush the court and mayhem ensues.

Game ball to the back row. Strong play from everyone. Quiet confidence in the first two games and exceptional strong play in the 4th game that kept the Dons hanging around.

Bolen – 30 assists

Lam – 18 digs and 2 aces.

Dalziel – 15 kills, 7 digs and 2 aces.

Webster – 12 kills and 7 blocks

Armstrong – 6 blocks, 3 kills and 1 assist.

Jones – 9 kills and 3 blocks.

White – 6 blocks and 3 kills.

Grobeck – 9 assists.