Nov 13 – NCS Playoff Volleyball – Acalanes Dons versus Analy

The Dons gym was rocking as Acalanes secured their first Volleyball home playoff game in at least the last 6 years.

Dory Grobeck Setting
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Molly Dalziel with a kill
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Game 1; The Dons started off slow, but…
0-3 Katie Nall starts the night off with straight down kill on the overpass.
2-7 Dory Grobeck sets a “1” to Mimi White for the kill.
4-13 Nall comes through again with a kill off the “1”.
It’s still a little slow and the Dons appear to have lost their Mojo, but Grobeck keep the hopes alive with some fantastic serving.
8-13 Ace Grobeck
10-20 Molly Dalziel fires a kill off the block.
12-20 White and Reilly Webster combine for the block and point.
13-20 On the opposite side of the court it’s White and Dalziel combining for the block and point.
14-22 White with the tip to the open court for the kill.
15-22 Ying Stroebe with the great serve and point.
16-23 Rachael Cox comes through with a back row kill.

17-25 Analy

Game 2;

1-3 Nall comes up with a great block to keep the point alive and eventually with the ball at the net, Nall pushes it to the back corner for the point.
2-4 Grace Bolen back sets Cox who crushes the ball for the kill.
3-5 Dalziel with the solo block and point.
5-8 Dalziel smokes a kill down the line.
7-11 Bolen uses a little deception and sneaks the ball over in 2 for the point.

Katie Nall for the block
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8-12 The game seems to be slipping away, when Bolen sets Cox in the back row for the kill.
9-12 Cox ace, ace in your face.
10-13 Nall crushes the “1” for the kill.
11-14 Maddie Graham with the vicious kill to the back corner.
12-14 Stroebe with a great serve and point.
13-16 After a great rally with one armed saves by both Stroebe and Cox and multiple hard hits and dumps, the Dons finally get the point.
15-16 Dalziel ace.
16-16 Dalziel to Cox who crushes it off the block for the kill.
17-16 Stroebe with the one armed diving save to Dalziel for the back row kill.
20-23 Grobeck with the “1′ to Nall who crushes the ball with authority for the kill.
21-23 Dalziel with the cross court kill.
22-23 Cox ace!
23-24 The gym is rockin again and Nall gets a kill off the block.
25-26 It is feeling like another great comeback when Dalziel to Grobeck back to Dalziel for the kill.

But it is not to be.

26-28 Analy

Maddie Graham for a kill
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Game 3;

1-1 Nall with the crush and kill.
3-2 Carly Porep throws down the ace.
5-6 It’s a tight game and fans move to different seats hoping to change the luck. Bolen back sets Graham who crushes the kill off the block.
7-7 Dalziel hits the ace untouched to the back corner.
8-7 Dalziel with the back row kill.
10-14 Cox hits the roll shot down the line for the kill.
11-15 Nall rolls the ball over the block for the point.
12-16 Bolen back sets Graham for the kill.
13-16 Cox to Graham for the kill.
14-21 Webster gets the kill off the “1”
15-21 Stroebe – yo ace.

16-25 Analy

Reilly Webster for a kill
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A great season ends after some heartbreaking losses and some incredible comeback wins. With 9 girls playing Varsity for the first time, the Dons are poised for an outstanding season next year. But, the Dons will miss three great seniors who helped guide and shape this season and others. Maddy Sauer a leader by doing, a middle who could and would also play back row. Katie Nall was a force at the net and always positive. Rachael Cox a co-captain, the lawyer to litigate with the referees and someone who would always leave everything on the court. Thank you ladies.

Cox – 5 kills and 11 digs
Dalziel – 6 kills and 5 digs
Nall – 6 kills
Grobeck – 11 assists
Bolen – 12 Assists
White – 3 kills

Doug Dalziel