May 9 – Track and Field DFAL Varsity Trials

To continue to the DFAL Track and Field Finals on Friday, athletes must finish in the top 8 in most events.

The following athletes qualified for the Finals:
1600 m: Kelli Berge, Annie Marggraff, Adler Faulkner, Tristan Tarpey and sophomore Michael Wang
Girls  100 m Hurdles: Caroline Wilcox, Nicole Shimotake
Boys 110 m Hurdles: Michael Yang, George Liow
400 m: Michael Walton, Lisa Carrington, Amy Hollshwandner
100 m: Joe Dreyer, sophomores Jordan Hinds and Casey Lee
800 m: Kelli Berge, Adler Faulkner
300 m Hurdles: Amy Hollshwandner, Caroline Wilcox, George Liow, sophomore Taiki Chiba
200 m: Lisa Carrington, Michael Walton
3200 m: Annie Marggraff, Kelly Collins, Tyler Troxel, Keenan Byrne, Ros Dudakov

The following field events are final and the following athletes have qualified for NCS-Tri Valley:
Girls Long Jump: Lisa Carrington
Girls Shot Put: Brianna Wilkinson, Marie Teichman
Boys Discus: Max O’Neill, sophomore Matt Thomas
Boys High Jump: Freshman Ian Stuertz