May 5 – Ladies Varsity Lacrosse wins 16-3 over Alhambra

Our Senior Dons enjoyed some special treatment Tuesday night at Alhambra’s Senior Night. As well as honoring their own, Alhambra gave flowers to our wonderful seniors; Holly Fleischmann, Caroline Newman, Caith Wright, Ellie Higgins, Alyssa Mueller, Melanie Toth, Blake Balfrey, Amy Oum, Kate Anderson, Camilla Mendez-Otero, Lauren Chase, Sophie Loughran- Smith, MacKenna Mullins, Jessy Evaristo, and Jackie Diede.

On the field our Seniors played beautifully. Sophie Loughran-Smith had 1 goal, Jessy Evaristo had 2 goals, Caith Wright had 5 goals, Ellie Higgins had 1 goal and an assist, and Caroline Newman had 1 goal and 2 assists and Melanie Toth had 1 assist.

On the draw our Seniors were hot as Melanie Toth grabbed 1 and Lauren Chase nabbed 1 as well. Ellie Higgins and Caith Wright scooped 1 each and Caroline Newman got 2.

On defense our Seniors were splendid on ground balls; Amy Oum, Kate Anderson, Sophie Loughran-Smith, Jessy Evaristo wrangled 1 each, and Jackie Diede grabbed 2.

Stats for the team:
Caith Wright 5 goals, Ellie Higgins 1 goal and 1 assist, Caroline Newman 1 goal and 2 assists, Kelsey Wendt 1 assist, Melanie Toth 1 assist, Sophie Loughran-Smith 1 goal, Jessy Evaristo 2 goals, Sabba Jweainat 1 goal, Katie Welch 1 goal, Sophie Ross 2 goals and 3 assists, Julie Mueller 1 goal and Anna DeRoque 1 goal and 1 assist.

On defense Marie Whitmore and Katie Welch were glorious with 3 ground balls for Marie and 2 for Katie. Sabba had 1, Sophie Ross 4 and Anna DeRoque 1.

Sam Repstad had 2 saves in the goal.

COME OUT FRIDAY NIGHT, May 8, for the Ladies last league game against CAMPO! IT IS SENIOR NIGHT AT 7 pm!!!
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