May 4 – Track Results Alhambra and Las Lomas Results

This team continues to astound me.

Thirty-nine PR’s were run yesterday. Never have I seen such continued improvement over a season by so many individuals than I have seen this year. Granted that some of these PR’s are not world record times, but they do indicate the effort being made by the whole team, and the value of individual sports, where winning is only part of the story. Pride and confidence can come with individual improvement and winning is not always the barometer.

Michelle Lo, Elina Rasmussen, Grace Sterner, Lorenzo Olivar, Callen O’Brien, Anand Patel, Jonathan Burns, Mari Florine, Muppy Gragg, Annie Klopstock, Anna Mary Star, Robert Placker, Johnathan Lium, Alex Kelly, Brooke Lennox, Caroline Kelly, Nicole O’Connor, Edward Groszewski, Cameron Otterson, Michal Green, Cole Brant, Jack Brydon, Joey Christiansen, Jonah Pokell-Wilson, Sophia Lindgren, Anna Davis, Max Trasher, Dan Parkin, Sam Stack, Ellie Spink, Lauren Bishopp, Anna Weier, Beatrice Weier, Kenny Souza, and Diana Ruiz. They all had PR’s, some with two.

Both teams won the meet against both Alhambra and Las Lomas. The varsity girls record going into the DFAL Championships is 5-1 and the varsity boys is 3-3.

Performance of the meet. Muppy Gragg in the 300 hurdles. Muppy ran 49.16, the fastest since 2012. That places her 5th on the all-time list. It was Muppy’s first 300 in a meet and the first time she ran over all eight hurdles at once. In practice she was limited to 5.

John Crain
Head Track and Field Coach