May 21 – Ladies Varsity Lacrosse loses NCS Semis 6-7.

Our Lady Dons lost a heart breaker Tuesday night to speedy SF University. Sophie Ross came out and scored quickly in the first minutes of play, Dons up 1-0.  Then the plethora of penalty shots were awarded to University.  Sabba Jweainat was incredible with 6 saves that half but University kept coming and our Ladies had a hard time holding onto the ball.  University scored on a penalty, 1-1.  Then Caith Wright got to the goal on a beautiful shot after Kate Anderson successfully stole a ball.  Ellie Higgins scored on a penalty shot after Caroline Newman got an important draw, 3-1 Dons.  Yet the penalty shots kept coming University’s way and at the half, University was up 4-3.


Our Ladies usually own the second half but last night it wasn’t the case.  The Dons had a hard time getting to the goal and had many shots on goal blocked by a fantastic Tufts bound goalie.  The shots just weren’t going our Dons way.


University kept scoring even with Sam Repstad’s 3 amazing saves in the goal.  Acalanes was down 3-6 in the second.  Marie Whitmore had the game of her life with a momentum changing steal near the University goal, preventing them from scoring again.  Caith Wright was able to grab an errant University pass in that same possession setting up Sophie Ross for a goal, Dons 4-6.  University was able to score again going up 4-7.  Alysa Mueller’s crisp check on an opponent and Jess Hennies quick scoop of the loose ball lead to Caroline scoring, Dons 5-7.  MacKenna Mullins picked up a popped ball, post shot to keep possession.  Again, Marie Whitmore had an amazing play and grabbed a grounder after a missed shot, setting up a goal for Caroline Newman, 6-7 Dons.


With 37 seconds left, Sophie Ross won the next draw.  Sophie Ross and Caroline Newman were determined and maintained possession, both taking last second shots.  All shots on goal missed, Dons lose 6-7.  A marvelous season ends and our Ladies had a winning overall record of 14-7.


Goals and Assists: Sophie Ross 2 goals, Caroline Newman 2 goals, Ellie Higgins 1 goals, Caith Wright 1 goal.

Draw Control: Caroline Newman 3, Sophie Ross 1.

Loose Ball: Caith Wright 3, Sophie Ross 3, Marie Whitmore 2, Ellie Higgins 2, Caroline Newman 2, Jessica Hennies 1, Alyssa Mueller 1, Date Anderson 1, MacKenna Mullins 1, Kelcey Higgins 1, and Katie Welch 1.

Saves; Sabba Jweainat 6, Sam Repstad 4.


Come out and see our Boys in the NCS Finals at HOME tonight against Marin Catholic, 7pm!