May 19 – Track and Field – NCS Tri-Valley Area Championships

Some of the Varsity Track & Field team competed in the NCS Tri-Valley Area Championships on Saturday.  These championships cover four leagues (DFAL, DVAL, BVAL, EBAL)  representing 29 high schools.

Boys 4×100: 11th
Boys 1600: Sophomore Michael Wang, 5th (now 2nd on the F/S all-time list)
Girls 100 Hurdles: Caroline Wilcox, 11th
Boys 110 Hurdles: George Liow, 17th
Boys 400: Michael Walton, 19th
Girls 100: Sophomores Casey Lee, 19th; Jordan Hinds, 21st
Boys 100: Joe Dreyer, 13th
Girls 800: Kelli Berge, 9th
Boys 800: Adler Faulkner, 2nd
Girls 300 Hurdles: Amy Hollshwandner, 7th; Caroline Wilcox, 22nd
Boys 300 Hurdles: Sophomore, Taiki Chiba, 18th; George Liow, 20th
Girls 200: Lisa Carrington, 12th; Jordan Hinds, 18th; Michael Walton, 6th
Girls 3200: Annie Marggraff, 5th; Kelly Collins, 12th; Tyler Troxel, 13th
Girls 4×400: 6th
Girls Long Jump: Lisa Carrington, 9th
Girls Shot Put: Brianna Wilkinson, 11th
Girls Discus: Brianna Wilkinson, 15th
Boys High Jump: Freshman, Ian Stuertz, 9th (now top 10 F/S all-time list)
Boys Shot Put: Sophomore, Matt Thomas, 11th
Boys Discus: Sophomore, Matt Thomas, 9th; Max O’Neill, 14th

Athletes that finished in the top 7 will compete next Friday & Saturday at the NCS Meet of Champions held at UC Berkeley:
Sophomore, Michael Wang in the 1600
Adler Faulkner in the 800
Amy Hollshwandner in the 300 Hurdles
Michael Walton in the 200
Annie Marggraff in the 3200
Girls 4×400 (Caroline Wilcox, Lisa Carrington, Amy Hollshwandner, Kelli Berge)