May 11 – Track and Field Varsity DFAL Championships

The Boys and Girls Varsity Track and Field teams competed in the DFAL League Championships on Friday, 11th.

The following athletes finished in the top 6 and will compete next Saturday in the NCS Tri-Valley Area Track and Field Championships at Granada High School in Livermore:
Boys 4×100: Lenny Adkerson, Michael Walton, Alex Hennies (Soph), Joe Dreyer
1600 m: Michael Wang (Soph)
Girls 100 Hurdles: Caroline Wilcox
Boys 110 Hurdles: George Liow
400 m: Michael Walton, Amy Hollshwandner
100 m: Jordan Hinds (Soph), Casey Lee(Soph), Joe Dreyer
800 m: Kelli Berge, Adler Faulkner
300 m Hurdles: Taiki Chiba(Soph), George Liow, Amy Hollshwandner
200 m: Lisa Carrington, Michael Walton
3200 m: Annie Marggraff, Tyler Troxel
Girls 4×400: Amy Hollshwandner, Caroline Wilcox, Jen Vaccaro,  Kelli Berge
Shot Put: Matt Thomas(Soph) (1st place), Marie Teichman, Brianna Wilkinson
Discus: Matt Thomas(Soph) (1st place)
Long Jump: Lisa Carrington
High Jump: Ian Stuertz(Frosh)
Pole Vault: Joe Dreyer (1st place, 15’6″, now 2nd on the all-time list)