Mar 27 – Track & Field – League Meet vs Dublin and Campo

League Meet vs Dublin and Campolindo, held at Dublin HS

Team scores:
F/S and Varsity Girls beat Dublin and lost to Campo
F/S Boys lost to both Campo and Dublin

The meet started off with the Girls Frosh/Soph and Girls Varsity (Caroline Wilcox, Casey Lee, Amy Hollshwandner, Lisa Carrington) relay teams winning the 4×100.  Then the Boys Varsity (Nick Comly, Alex Hennies, Lenny Adkerson, Adler Faulkner) won by the narrowest of margins beating Campo by 0.01 seconds.

Athletes finishing in the top 3:
Varsity 1600: Annie Marggraff (3), Michael Wang (1) & Cameron Gaskell (3)
F/S 100 Hurdles: Anna Davis (2) & Elise Berg (3)
F/S 400: Maya Michon (1)
Varsity 400: Caith Wright (2), Alex Hennies (1), Nick Comly (2)
F/S 100: Jess Mould (1), Maddy Grassini (3), Daniel Applin (1), Wilson Hall (3)
Varsity 100: Jordan Hinds (1), Casey Lee (2)
Varsity 800: Annie Marggraff (1), Adler Faulkner (1), Tristan Tarpey (2)
F/S 300 Hurdles: Anna Davis (3)
Varsity 300 Hurdles: Caroline Wilcox (1), Julie Vaccaro (2), Taiki Chiba (1)
F/S 200: Jess Mould (2), Maya Michon (3)
Varsity 200: Jordan Hinds
Varsity 3200: Kelly Collins (2), Michael Wang (2), Ros Dudakov (3)
F/S Long Jump: Ryan Cheng (1), Alexander Grace (2)
Varsity Long Jump: Lisa Carrington (2), Stephen Main (1), Lenny Adkerson (2)
Varsity Triple Jump: Stephen Main (1)
F/S High Jump: Siena Kuan (3), Ryan Cheng (1), Alexander Grace (2)
Varsity High Jump: Bryant Smith (3)
F/S Pole Vault: Alex Shimotake (1)
Varsity Pole Vault: Nikki Roos (3), Andrew Bertics (2), Brad Wash (3)
F/S Discus: AnaLisse Johansson (2)
Varsity Discus: Brianna Wilkinson (1), Matt Thomas (1)
F/S Shot Put: AnaLisse Johansson (3), Jonah Polkell-Wilson (2)
Varsity Shot Put: Brianna Wilkinson (1), Brenda Mittelbuscher (2), Matt Thomas (1)

The meet ended with the always exciting 4×400 relay.  Both the Varsity Girls (Lisa Carrington, Caroline Wilcox, Julie Vaccaro, Sage Catton) and Boys (Nick Comly, Alex Hennies, Sid Vitale-Corneil, Adler Faulkner) won. Adler finished the evening by coming from behind to beat Campo.