Mar 27 – Acalanes Ladies LAX shut out Alhambra 12-0

Nearly everyone on the team contributed to tonight’s win. Marie Whitmore had 1 assist, Caith Wright 2 goals, Ellie Higgins 3 goals and 1 assist, Caroline Newman 1 goal and 1 assist, Kelcey Wendt 1 goal, Kate Anderson 1 goal, Sophie Loughran-Smith 1 goal, MacKenna Mullins 1 goal, Jessie Evaristo 1 goal and Sophie Ross scored 1 goal.

Defense was strong but the real excitement was seeing our goalies Sabba (race you to the net) Jweainat and Sam Repstad play some offense. Sabba took a shot and so did the powerful Sam Repstad. And yes, they each had 3 saves in the goal as well.

Enjoy the break!