Mar 14 – Thursday Sports

In yesterdays action…

Boys and Girls swim teams swept Alhambra HS.
Boys Golf team was defeated by Campolindo HS.

In todays action…


plays Encinal HS at 4:00. Varsity is away and JV is home.


plays St. Paul HS in a doubleheader at Compton College at 3:30.

Boys Golf

has a match against Dublin HS at San Ramon GC at 3:00.

Yesterdays individual standouts…

Boys Golf

Will Brueckner and Ryan West each shot a 38 on a 9-hole par 36 course.

Varsity Swimming event winners

Brett Usinger, Nick Inserra, Weston Carpenter and Zech Newman, 200 freestyle relay.
Meghan Hill, Emily Giambastini, Nora Vance and Brittany Usinger, 200 freestyle relay.
Henry Baer, Jack Peterson, Denny Huang and Weston Carpenter, 400 freestyle relay.
Jane Wood, Sophie Catalanello, Sasha Newman and Natalie Morlock, 400 freestyle relay.
Zech Newman, Brett Usinger, Nick Inserra and Henry Baer, 200 medley relay
Nora Vance, Addy Mullins, Brittany Usinger and Emily Giambastini, 200 medley relay.
Brittany Usinger, 50 and 100 freestyle, and 100 breaststroke.
Henry Baer, 50 and 100 freestyle.
Weston Carpenter, 200 freestyle.
Meghan Hill, 200 freestyle.
Austin Wentzel, 500 freestyle.
Natalie Morlock, 500 freestyle.
Brett Usinger, 100 fly.
Chase Lanier, 100 fly.
Kai Harting, 100 backstroke.
Emily Giambastini, 100 backstroke.
Addy Mullins, 100 breaststroke.
Sophie Catalanello, 200 individual medley relay.

JV swimming event winners

Jack Hillman, Corey Plotkin, Michael Green and Gordon Kerns, 200 freestyle relay.
Juliana Matz, Nicole Jackson, Carly Fernandes and Katie Nagle, 200 freestyle relay.
Jack Avery, Jack Hillman, Michael Green and Patrick Worthing, 400 freestyle relay.
Nicole Jackson, Caroline Wash, Jillian Wickline and Juliana Matz, 400 freestyle relay.
Jack Avery, Andrew Forbes, Ryan Hennessey and Jack Hillman, 200 medley relay.
Caroline Wash, 50 and 100 freestyle.
Jack Avery, 200 freestyle and 100 backstroke.
Ryan Hennessey, 500 freestyle and 50 fly.
Michael Green, 100 freestyle and 100 individual medley.
Jack Hillman, 50 freestyle.
Kenny Souza, 500 freestyle.
Aislinn McNiece, 50 fly.
Riley Winquist, 100 backstroke.
Andrew Forbes, 100 breaststroke.
Carly Fernandes, 100 breaststroke.
Juliana Matz, 100 individual medley.

R. Takahashi