Mar 21 – Track and Field League Meet vs Alhambra and Las Lomas

Frosh/Soph Boys and Girls beat Alhambra but lost to Las Lomas
Varsity Boys and Girls beat both Alhambra and Las Lomas

Individual standouts:
Girls Varsity, 1600, Annie Marggraff and Kelli Berge finished 1-2
Boys Varsity, 1600, Tristan Tarpey finished first by a whisker
Girls Varsity, 100 Hurdles, Caroline Wilcox finished second
Boys Varsity, 110 Hurdles, George Liow, Taiki Chiba (now #3 All-Time F/S) and Michael Yang finished 2, 3 & 4
Boys Frosh/Soph, 400, Sid Vitale and Juan Pestana, finished 1-2
Girls Varsity, 400, Haley Kisner, first
Boys Varsity, 400, Adler Faulkner, first
Boys Frosh/Soph, Peter Lee, second
Girls Varsity, 100, Casey Lee and Lisa Carrington, finished 1-2
Girls Varsity, 800, Kelli Berge, first
Boys Varsity, 800, Tristan Tarpey, first again by a whisker
Girls Frosh/Soph, 300 Hurdles, Monica Dwight, second
Girls Varsity, 300 Hurdles, Caroline Wilcox & Danielle Grobeck, finished 1-2
Boys Frosh/Soph, 300 Hurdles, Jack Flynn and Jonathan Chiem, finished 2-3
Boys Varsity, 300 Hurdles, Taiki Chiba, first, George Liow and Michael Yang, 3-4
Boys Frosh/Soph, 200, Peter Lee, second
Varsity Girls, 200, Lisa Carrington, first, Haley Kisner, third
Boys Varsity, 200, Michael Walton, first, Adler Faulkner, third
Girls Frosh/Soph, 3200, Megan Conner and Kamila Sarsam, 2-3
Girls Varsity, 3200, Annie Marggraff, first, Kelly Collins, third
Boys Varsity, 3200, Tyler Troxel, third
Boys and Girls Frosh/Soph, 4×400, second
Girls Frosh/Soph, Long Jump, Dory Grobeck, first
Girls Varsity, Long Jump, Lisa Carrington and Lucie Flynn, 1-2
Girls Varsity, High Jump, Jane McKee, first, Danielle Grobeck, third
Girls Frosh/Soph, Pole Vault, Shelby Johnson, first and now top 5 All-Time F/S
Boys Frosh/Soph, Pole Vault, Andrew Bertics, Erich Ellsworth and Alex Shimotake, 1-2-3
Boys Varsity, Pole Vault, Joe Dryer, second
Girls Frosh/Soph, Shot Put, Analisse Johansson and Carly Granet, 2-3
Boys Frosh/Soph, Shot Put, Anthony Rader, second
Girls Varsity, Shot Put, Brianna Wilkinson and Marie Teichman, 2-3
Boys Varsity, Shot Put, Emilio Brown, first
Boys Frosh/Soph, Discus, Anthony Rader, second
Girls Varsity, Discus, Brianna Wilkinson, second
Boys Varsity, Discus, Max O’Neill and Matt Thomas, 1-2