Feb 4 – Lady Dons Varsity Basketball Electrifies The Home Crowd

With A Comeback Victory Over Campolindo 64 – 61

Taylor Jones
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The Lady Dons were the “Belles of the Ball” on Tuesday night!!!

The Lady Dons used the energy from the very loud and supportive home crowd to achieve four very special accomplishments on Tuesday night in Lafayette:

  1. They completed an amazing 21-point second half comeback to beat their rivals from Moraga, Campolindo
  2. They pulled-off the biggest upset of the DFAL season by taking down the second place Cougars
  3. They snapped a 12-game losing streak to Campolindo that dates back to the final year of the George W. Bush Administration – 2008
  4. They electrified and unified the entire Acalanes fan base – parents, Lafayette families, the student body, Stanley Middle School students and the faculty

2013 – 2014 Acalanes vs. Campolindo Girls Basketball Game Scores (prior to the 2/2/2014 game):

  • 12/13/2013: Campolindo – 70  vs.  Acalanes 29 (41 point deficit)
  • 1/10/2014: Campolindo – 71  vs.  Acalanes 53 ( 18 point deficit)

Julia Lyons
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Having watched some of the previous Acalanes vs. Campolindo match-ups this season , I was just hoping that the Lady Dons would keep the game under a 15-point deficit.  Because on paper, the match-up with Campolindo did not look good for the Lady Dons.  But that is why they don’t play games on paper…they play them on the court.  On Tuesday night, the Lady Dons were ready to make some history.

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When Campolindo’s final shot attempt to tie the game missed the basket and the final buzzer sounded, the Acalanes gym exploded with cheers and applause for the Lady Dons.  One could not help but get swept-up in the unbelievable 4th quarter effort delivered by this incredibly young Lady Dons team.  I thought first year Varsity Girls Head Coach, Chad Wellon, was going to float out of the gym after the surreal comeback victory by his team.  Talking with Chad after the boys varsity basketball game, he was convinced that the energy from the Acalanes crowd fueled his girls to victory.  One of the highlights of the entire evening was when the Lady Dons walked back into the gym during the boys varsity game and the Acalanes crowd gave them another rousing round of applause.  It was indeed a great night for the Lady Dons.

Campolindo vs. Acalanes Game Score Re-cap:

  • 1st Quarter: Campolindo – 17  vs. Acalanes – 18
  • 2nd Quarter (halftime): Campolindo – 46  vs. Acalanes – 25
  • 3rd Quarter: Campolindo – 56  vs.  Acalanes – 46
  • 4th Quarter (Final Score): Campolindo – 61  vs. Acalanes – 64

Without a doubt, the energy from the partisan Acalanes crowd helped the Lady Dons.  However, it still took some brilliant offensive performances by the Lady Dons to pull-off this 21-point comeback.  Roni Marrone finished the game with 12 big points for the Lady Dons.  Emma Godfrey was relentless on the boards and was fearless when attacking the basket on Tuesday night.  Emma also finished the game with 12 critical points.  Then there was “The Little Engine That Could,” Julia Lyons, who rained down shots from all over the court for the Lady Dons.  Julia finished the game with a team high 21 big time points.  Please keep in mind that points are not the only measurement of a players value to a team.  This was a total team victory.  I saw many different Lady Dons stealing the basketball, blocking shots, playing stellar defense, making great passes and clearly out-hustling the Campolindo Cougar girls.  Every young lady in an Acalanes uniform had a hand in this incredible victory.  This is a game that the entire Lady Dons Team will grow from.

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The Acalanes Lady Dons will look to continue their magic next Tuesday, on the road in San Ramon, versus Dougherty Valley.  Tip-off for this game will be at 5:30pm.  In the Lady Don’s previous match-up against the Dougherty Valley Wildcats, they lost a close contest, 45 – 40, at home in Lafayette.  Coach Wellon will have his girls prepared to avenge this loss.

Again, congratulations to the Lady Dons on a thrilling win over your rival, Campolindo.

As always…Go Dons!!!