June 1 – Track – CIF State Championships

This is my last post for the Boosters Website from an extremely proud father.  I started posting a few years ago with the help of Gint Federas.  I have been proud to get out the news about both Cross Country and Track & Field.  While not sure how many people read the results I posted, I hope a few were glad to see their sons and daughters get recognized for their athletic performance.

Adler with family and Coach Tad and his wife Sarah

Adler Faulkner placed 2nd in the 800 in the CIF State Track & Field Championships.  In the process he once again broke the Acalanes school record with a new time of 1:51.30.

Article in the
Mercury News

As a proud father, I want to describe how extraordinary Adler’s performance was in the finals of the State Championships.  In the last two weeks of championship meets, Adler has broken the school record 4 times.  First at the NCS Meet of Champions, Trials, Adler ran 1:54.36 (0.02 better than the previous Acalanes school record).  In the Finals of the NCS Meet of Champions (one day later) Adler ran 1:53.92 (0.42 sec faster).  At the State Trials, Adler ran 1:53.69 (1.23 sec faster).  Finally at the State Finals, Adler ran 1:51.30 (2.39 sec faster).  This is a huge drop (3.08 sec) from the previous record set by Joey Thomas in 2007.

After the State Trials, Adler was ranked 26th in the state for fastest times over the 2013 Track season.  ALL OF THE OTHER ATHLETES IN THE STATE FINALS HAD FASTER TIMES THAN ADLER.  After his race in the State Finals, Adler now has the 3rd fastest time in the state for the 2013 track season.

Thank you for all: teachers, coaches, and parents for supporting Adler, Alena and myself over these past two years.