Jan 10 – Lady Dons Basketball Mauled by Campo Cougars 71-53

There were two entirely different games played last night. If you attended the first 13 minutes of the game, Acalanes looked like it was on a roll and was well on it’s way to winning against Campo. The first quarter started off with the Lady Dons dominating the floor and scoring 6 fast break baskets to Campo’s two 3-pointers.

Ronni Marone
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Acalanes maintained their lead for most of the first half. The tempo of the game seemed to change when the score tied 32-32 near the end of the 2nd quarter. Once Campo tied the score, the Cougars added 8 unanswered points, ending the half at 40-32.

Julia Lyons
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Carrie Trent
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Campo dominated the second half of the game. The Lady Dons were stunned starting off the third quarter when the Cougars went on a 10-2 point run, falling behind 50-34. Campo’s freshman Brooke Panfilli poured in 3-pointers virtually at will.

The Lady Dons regained their composure in the 4th quarter, with a valiant effort led by Julia Lyons. Carrie Trent got back her 3-point scoring groove in the 4th quarter, but the damage was already done. The Lady Dons returned to their fast break offense, but the Cougars matched the Dons basket-for-basket in the 4th quarter.

Gint Federas