Girls Varsity Soccer Results

Game news from last week:


The Varsity squad kicked off their second week of fixtures with an away match at Livermore High.  This match posed a great challenge and level of competition for the team as we faced an opponent that covered a lot of ground defensively and offensively.

After going down 1-0 by half-time, the Dons came out with a high-tempo in the 2nd half and worked to try and produce an equalizer. We came very close in the first 5 minutes; however, luck was just not on our side that day. They continued with their game-plan and ended up putting two more in the back of the net.

With a little more concentration and accuracy with our passes, and a higher defensive work rate in the 2nd half, the outcome of the game for the Dons would have been completely different.

Man of the Match – Samantha Hansen

RESULT – 3-0 Loss



Before entering this match, we knew that this would be one of the tougher opponents we face all season. There was great focus during the warm-up and the Dons were up for the challenge. We started the game very strong defensively as Monte Vista placed four attackers on our back-line making it very difficult for us to build play out of the back.

We maintained possession quite well deep in our defensive third but as soon as we advanced the ball into the middle third, their midfielders were in great position to regain possession and quickly penetrate causing a lot of work for the Goalkeeper.

The few times we broke out of the defensive third with possession of the ball, we were only left with 2-3 players to attack which was not favorable for us.  Our ability to continue to fight and not give up is a great sign for the future of this team and we will look to build upon our defensive shape moving forward.

Man of the Match – Sophia Giordano

RESULT – 6-0 Loss