Sep 23 – Dons Volleyball wins in 3!

The Lady Knights of Las Lomas ventured to Lafayette to face your Acalanes Dons
The crowd was rock’n  with extra support from a raucous student section, alumni players and alumni parents.

Game 1
0-0 Molly Dalziel starts the night off with a smoking cross court kill 12 feet off the net.
1-1 Parker Jones takes the Grace Bolen back set and gets her first kill of the night.
5-8 The Dons are down, but not out. Maddie Graham crushes the ball and it lands 4 feet of the net for the kill.
6-7 Graham again, only this time with the kill off the block.
10-8 The Dons have changed Lady Mo(mentum), Dalziel flies high and destroys the ball for the kill between two Lady Knights.
12-9 Dalziel receives the serve, passes it to Bolen who sets Dalziel for the kill.
18-12 Jones with the cross court kill 11 feet off the net.
19-12 Graham – kill off the block that falls harmlessly on the line.
20-13 Mimi White floats towards the net to take the Bolen “1” for the kill.
21-17 White again with the kill, this time off the block.
22-18 Dalziel flies from outside the pin for a devastating kill.
24-19 The Knights are battling back, when Molly Armstrong stuffs the Las Lomas overpass down for the block/kill and win!
25-19 Dons

Molly Dalziel
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Game 2
0-1 Dalziel starts the Dons off with a kill off the block.
1-1 The roofing company of Armstrong and Jones reports for work.
4-5 Bolen goes up huge for the perfectly timed stuff block!
5-6 Bolen pushes the pass over in two to the open back corner.
7-6 Dalziel high over the block down the line for the kill.
8-6 Dalziel takes something off this time and roll shots to the middle.
10-6 Armstrong – Solo stuff block!
11-6 Dalziel with the kill on the line.
12-7 Armstrong‘s block keeps the point alive. Some scrappy play on both sides keep the point going until Bolen finds Dalziel for the kill.
14-7 Dalziel takes the Bolen back set for the kill.
15-7 Armstrong – smok’n kill!
19-9 Reilly Webster – kill to the open middle.
20-9 White kill off the block
22-11 Dory Grobeck to Webster for the kill.
22-12 Grobeck to Dalziel in the back row who hits the roll shot off the net for the kill.
24-13 Dalziel – kill to the 10′ line for the win!
25-13 Dons win.


Game 3
0-1 Dalziel – tip over the block that falls for the point.
1-1 Jones perfect stuff block with both hands.
4-4 Armstrong gets the kill by hitting the ball to the back corner.
6-7 Dalziel – back row kill.
8-7 Dalziel perfect pass to Bolen with the perfect set to Jones and the kill. Yes kids, that is Volleyball.
9-8 Bolen sets Graham a little inside of the block and Maddie gets the kill.
10-11 Dalziel – back row floater to the corner.
11-11 Dalziel down the line for the crushing kill.
12-11 Devon Grobeck comes up with a great pass off a killer serve. Bolen can set back, front, middle or back row. Instead, she goes rouge and leaps and hits it over in two for the kill.
15-13 Long scramble and both sides get the ball over the net 5 times until Jones spies the seam between the blockers and puts the ball down for the kill.
16-13 Jones – kill with the down ball to the middle of the court.
21-16 Hard driven ball to Dalziel to Bolen to Dalziel for the back row kill.
22-16 Julia Gay with the smok’n ace that grazes off the net.
23-16 Graham – kill off the block.
24-17 Bolen with the back set (so sweet that three fans went into diabetic shock) to Jones for the kill and win!
25-17 Dons win!

Bolen – 38 assists
Dalziel – 18 kills
Jones – 7 kills and 2 blocks
Graham – 5 kills
Armstrong – 2 kills and 4 blocks
White – 3 kills
Webster – 2 kills