Sep 17 – Dons Varsity Girls Volleyball wins big in 3

The Antioch Panthers came to Lafayette to play your Acalanes Dons.

Game 1

0-1 Maddie Graham starts the Dons off with a devastating kill 8′ off the net.

2-2 Grace Bolen sets Mimi White who crushes the ball on an angle 10′ off the net for the kill.

3-2 Julia Gay serves a bullet ace!

4-2 Repeat above!

7-3 Parker Jones boards the ace train.

8-4 Molly Dalziel receives the set from Bolen and Dalziel hits it hard. Antioch digs it up and the ball ends up back to Bolen to Dalziel who smokes it back to the same spot for the kill.

12-6 Bolen takes the pass and pushes a sweet set in front of Graham who soars high and long and with all of her energy moving towards the ball annihilates it for the kill.

14-6 Everyone now ” ace Grace in your face”

16-6 Dalziel back row cross court kill.

23-6 Graham gets the kill off of the block.

25-6 Dons win


Game 2

Bolen starts the game off with 4 service points

4-2 White kill.

5-4 Hannah Roberts with the perfect high pass to the waiting Bolen who has four options, and sets Parker Jones for the kill.

6-4 Dalziel cross court kill.

7-4 Roberts again with the perfect pass to Bolen and this time to Dalziel for the kill.

8-5 Dalziel, see 6-4.

9-5 Roberts “the passing machine” to Bolen who feeds Molly Armstrong for the kill 6′ off the net.

10-5 Dalziel solo block for the point.

11-6 Armstrong takes the “1” and delivers the kill.

12-6 Dalziel back row to the corner for the point.

13-6 Armstrong with a little chicanery and takes something off the hit and floats the ball over two defenders where it falls harmlessly for the point.

14-6 Armstrong, solo block, point.

15-6 Roberts crushes the ball cross court for the kill.

17-7 Roberts changes it up and gets the kill down the line.

24-10 Armstrong with the big arm swing for the kill and win.

25-10 Dons


Game 3

1-1 Dory Grobeck wight the ace to the back corner.

2-1 Graham kill.

3-2 Roberts splays out and gets the pancake just under the ball to keep it alive. The ball stays up and viable and the Dons win the point.

4-2 Jones massive cross court kill off of the perfect Grobeck set.

5-3 The roofing company of Jones & Armstrong appear for the point.

6-4 Jones smoke’n ace.

7-4 Grobeck to Roberts for the kill.

8-4 Roberts pulls out an ace.

9-4 Grobeck to Armstrong for the power kill.

14-4 Grobeck over in two for the point.

17-4 Graham with the kill off of the block.

22-6 The pass is ahead of Grobeck who hustles to reach it and deftly pushes it over for the point.

25-7 Dons win!

Dalziel – 7 kills, 1 block and 1 ace.

Armstrong – 5 kills, 2 blocks

Graham – 5 kills