Oct 9 – Dons Varsity Volleyball digs Pink against Alhambra Lady Bulldogs

The Dons will be on the road for the next few weeks and they relished the last home cook’n for a while.

Game 1

Dig Pink

0-1 Grace Bolen over in two to start the Dons off.

1-2 Reilly Webster takes the quick set and gets a kill off the block.

4-9 Molly Dalziel gets a Bolen set and puts it on the line for the kill.

5-11 Webster pushes a soft floater just outside the reach of the defenders for the point.

6-11 Parker Jones gets a back set from Bolen and crushes a cross court kill.

8-11 Webster and Jones with the wall of hands and block.

9-11 Dalziel kill to the middle back.

12-13 Jones with a kill to the open back corner.

13-14 Dalziel nasty hard ace.

16-15 Jones and Mimi White pair up for the block.

17-15 Julia Gay‘s knuckle serve catches Alhambra off guard for the ace.

19-16 Bolen takes the pass sets her feet ready to set the outside and sneakily hits it over in two for the point.

20-16 Devon Grobeck serves a devastating top spin that eventually bites the air and dies for the ace.

22-17 Dalziel rips a kill down the line.

23-18 Bolen with a beautiful “1” to White for the kill.

24-19 Dalziel slices the ball between two Lady Bulldogs for the kill and win.

25-19 Dons


Game #2

0-3 Bolen with the high set to Dalziel who goes over her defenders for the kill.

1-3 Dalziel sees the Alhambra overpass and crushes it back for the kill.

3-5 Webster with the net roller kill. Different from the Ohio Players “Love Rollercoaster”

4-6 Jones with the kill – and the roof says no.

7-8 Calista Lam sees the blockers and perfectly pushes the ball past the defenders down the line for the kill.

8-8 Lam – ace.

10-9 Dalziel – kill line.

12-11 Dalziel – kill line.

13-13 Gay throws her body towards a soft hit and somehow gets the ball up with a perfect pass to Bolen who sets Dalziel in the back row for the kill.

14-13 Dalziel hard ace.

15-13 repeat above.

17-14 White and Lam and the stuff block.

18-14 Jones hits a cross court kill and again, the roof says no.

19-16 White and Lam again team up for the block.

20-16 Lam goes high above the blockers for the kill.

21-17 Dalziel smacks a back row kill to just beyond the 10 ft. line.

22-19 Dalziel – cross court crush and kill.

23-20 Dory Grobeck serving and one woman show. A great serve that an Alhambra player can barely get to. The ball happens to spin over the net and looks like it will fall for the point until out of nowhere, Dory lunges for the ball and keep the point alive.

24-22 Lam – back court kill for the win.

25-22 Dons.


Game #3

1-1 Bolen sets Dalziel in the back row for the kill.

2-6 Graham hits a perfect cross court kill past the double block.

3-9 English majors have Strunk and White for succinct writing, the Dons have Jones and White for the stuff block.

4-11 Lam and a powerful kill off the block.

6-11 Grobeck with the “1” to White and a swing and a miss.

6-12 Never one to accept defeat, Grobeck with the “1” to White and this time money.

10-13 Jones hits a cross court ball 3 feet off the net that is out by inches. Alhambra point, but very impressive.

10-14 Jones with a kill to the 10′ line.

11-14 Dalziel crushes the ball to the middle of the court for the kill.

13-14 Grobeck ace.

14-14 Grobeck ace – this one even better.

15-14 Grobeck is out of her head, gets another ace.

16-15 Webster leaves her hand print on the ball with her straight down kill.

17-15 Lam and Webster with the big block.

18-15 Dalziel is passing dimes and Grobeck back sets to Jones who puts a wicked hard top spin on the ball for the kill.

19-17 Jones – kill off the block.

20-17 Lam with some more deceptive skullduggery pushes the ball past two defenders for the kill.

21-19 Bodies flying everywhere, almost every Don ends up on the floor as the ball crosses the net 5 different times until White and Lam with the block and point.

23-21 White stalls Alhambra’s comeback with a solo stuff block.

24-21 Victory seems at hand when Grobeck sets Dalziel for the hard hit but Alhambra keeps the ball up and gets it back over the net. Grobeck again sets Dalziel who tries a tip this time. Again, Alhambra covers and get the ball back over. Grobeck on the third set pushes the ball high and 1′ off the net and this time like a Lionel Richie song Dalziel‘s hit goes straight to the heart of the court for the win. Everyone now – “I set you once, twice, three times I set you and you go-ot a kill”.

25-21 Dons


Dalziel – 14 kills and 3 aces

Jones – 6 kills and 3 blocks

White – 6 blocks and 2 kills

Lam – 5 kills, 4 blocks and 1 ace

Webster – 3 kills and 2 blocks