May 1 – Dons stomp on the Mats, again.

Despite a season riddled with injuries, the Dons continue to move forward with great success. In Friday night’s action, the Dons defeated the Mats with a final score of 12 to 6.

Adrian Jeffries (aka Romeo) was unstoppable with 6 goals and 2 assists last night! Adrian’s stick skills certainly got the attention of the Miramonte coach who called for a stick check on him in the 2nd half. As always, Adrian’s stick passed the stick check – he just simply has mad skills! Within minutes of the stick check, Adrian scored again with a beautiful behind the back goal. Way to go Romeo.

Adrian Jeffries with a behind the back goal.

Adrian Jeffries with a behind the back goal.

Cole Tanner had 2 goals, Luke Olson had 1 goal and 1 assist. Sam deRoque had a fantastic night with 1 goal, 4 assists, 4 ground balls recovered and 6 of his 9 face-offs won! Chris Lane scored 1 goal and Nathan Lee had 1 goal. Nathan Brickman and Taylor Howell each had 1 assist.

Josh Baginski had a terrific game forcing Miramonte to turnover the ball 5 times. Leo Barakos, Taylor Howell, Glenn Johnston, Brian Maiken, Joey Gladden, Vinny Gladden and Calvin Vance were all instrumental in protecting the goal, recovering ground balls and completing clears throughout the game.

Goalie Danny Ennis had 11 saves!

Just 2 games left in the regular season. The Dons will face Alhambra on Tuesday at home. And then travel to Campo on Friday for the last game of the regular season. Both games start at 7pm.